My Smoked Wings and Vegies on the Grill.

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    Smoked Wings:

    Thought I would share my recipe and cooking instructions for Smoked Wings.

    Five lbs of wings (or serving size of choice)
    Wing sauce of choice to use as a marinade.
    Apple or other fruit wood as smoke producer
    Bar-B-Q sauce of choice (I like the ones with honey)

    Open wings and wash with cold water
    On a cutting board, remove the wing tip section
    Open a gallon zip lock bag and place de-tipped wings in bag.
    Completely cover all wings with marinade sauce (either home made or off the shelf)
    Place in frig and leave for several hours or even over night is better.

    Get the smoker ready and up to temperature (225 to 250)

    Place apple chunks in the water in your water pan.

    Place your fruit wood in the smoker (workes of charcol, gas, or electric)

    Place wings on racks and note the time.

    After one hour, open the smoker and mist the wings with apple juice from a spray bottle. Repeat this misting every half hour there after.

    keep the smoke rolling for the entire cooking time by adding more wood as necessary.

    After 3 1/2 hours smoking time, fire up your grill on high heat.

    When grill is hot, remove the wings from the smoker and place them on the grill.

    Brush liberally with the BAR-B-Q sauce of your choice.

    Turn the wings with sauce side down and brush the exposed side.

    After 5 minutes turn the wings and brush again.

    Turn the wings again at 5 minutes and apply suace again.

    The idea here is to firm up the skin, and "char" the sauce without burning it blace.

    When the wings take on the nice BAR-B-Q look, remove and wrap in foil to allow "sweating".

    Just prior to placing the wings on the grill (approximately 45 minutes) try the following:

    Make an aluminum foil pouch by taking two pieces of foil exactly the same size and folding three sides with a butch fold to form a "pressure cooker".

    Chuck up several potatos, a couple of squash, and an onion.

    Place the vegies in the foil pouch.

    Season to taste with salt, pepper, and season all.

    Add three or four chunks of butter and seal up your pouch.

    Now, Place this pouch on your grill and bring the heat up to around 300 degrees.

    After a few minutse, the pouch will puff up and the vegies will start cooking.

    Allow 30 to 40 minutes cooking time.

    Reomve the foil pouch from the grill and leave sealed until redy to eat.

    Whip up a batch of baked beans and place them on grill when you do your veggie pouch. I use the Busch's home style baked beans and spice them up a little. I add a couple table spoons of BAR-B-Q sauce, a couple table spoons of brown sugar, and some diced onions. Three or four strips of bacon placed on top and into the grill with the veggies.

    Now, all you have to do is get the plates ready, fill and enjoy. It's a lot more difficult to describe this process than it is to actually do it. Makes a wonderful meal. The wings are even good for two or three days.
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    put first name
    Man that sounds good. I am a wing eating fool and you just made me hungry. What time is dinner? lol I will give this a try and post back. Thanks

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    Sounds good, thanks for sharing.
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    Mmmm Terry, I'm not a wing girl, but DANG you made those sound good! Could you please top that off with a l'il guitar pickin'? I'd do my best to contribute to the meal, AND the music buddy :misdoubt:.
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    Now thats what I call good food.:big_smile: