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My Rosie trip

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Well got there at 4pm friday launched school house. went and tried for bait was hard getting caught 2 bluegills and i had some shad i froze and brought up with me so i had 2 gills and dead shad got dark trying to get bait so i was like gotta get on up river and use what i have .. so motored up salt river real slow and some advise get up river before dark that salt is a tricky when pitch dark lotta S*#t in river logs , trees and so on so was long slow trip up and had no idea where on river i was as it was so dark so get to my spot and stayed put for night, put 1 of the 2 gills i had on hook tossed him out had one run set hook and stole my gill.. other rod had out with dead shad and those stay busy all night with channel cats. so first night NO FLATS !

Second night Ace Rolled up picked him up in dark i ended up catching more gills i caught 9 waiting for Ace so here we go going up river in Pitch Dark long slow trip got to a spot never moved as alot of boat where settled in and didnt want to cross up lines ... good bait no fish second night...
river is very fishy right now did see a dead flat about 40 + dead floating and another 25+ floating next day both in river... i learned fromthis trip and will be better prepard next trip...

Fishing was good as well as the Beer Drinking ...
Catching Sucked Azz as well as the 105 temps with no shade for 2 days....
if ya not tryin ur not learning.. Maybe next time
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Thanks for the report. I think we all are still learning something now and again Better luck to you next time.
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