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    Guys heres a rig i used once last year.I've tried similar rigs with 3-way swivels but could never get it too work right.This rig i just take my main line and tie my hook on in a awkward spot(about 6inch)from the bottom of my line,then tie a large pyramid sinker on the very bottom of my line.Finally tie a small balloon a few inches above my hook,Just enuff air 2 make enuff pull to keep ur hook and bait suspended but ur weight securly on the bottom.With this rig it seemed like the Gill i was using was constintley fighting the force of the balloon.(what i mean is)The balloon was pulling up and the fish kept swimming it back down,so neways,it just seemed like it kept the bait constantly moving.Now i cant say that he was still moving like that after swimming for 30mins after i thru him out,but when i had him n the shallows he was vary lively.NOW IVE ONLY USED THIS RIG ONCE AND IM NOT SURE HOW GOOD IT CAN BE,HOWEVER I DID CATCH A FLATHEAD THAT NIGHT,THAT WAS THE FIRST AND ONLY ONE I EVER CAUGHT IN THAT LOCATION.Heres a pic incase someone wants to try.Ok ok sry i hope u have a good imagination.I drew up a crappy pic that got to the point,BUT I CANT FIGURE OUT HOW TO POST><

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    sounds like a good idea on the rig. I use one kind of like it that I found here on the BOC, the only difference is that instead of a balloon I use an in line cigar bobber instead of the balloon and it does keep my bait off the bottom and makes live bait work hard to get to the bottom to hide. As far as posting your pics there is a young man out there by the name of Zakk, from what I've read he can help you with that post. Or ask one of the guys on the board, I had a problem and they worked with me for a while and fixed me right up. Stuff was way over my head and they never made me feel like I was brain size impaired.