my review of Rocky Balboa

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    just seen it and on a 1-10 scale i give it a 9.5, a great movie indeed! even though it was a long movie, i think it could have used an extra half hour. things seemed just a little bit rushed towards the end to me. of course, me being a "white guy" (reference to Eddie Murphy's Raw movie, not a racist statement) i came out pumped and ready to go clear a bar out . actually Rocky, or Sly is still looking in great shape and looked way more threatening than 'ol Mason Dixon who resembled Jazzy Jeff (Will Smith), heck i think i could whoop Mason! even though it wasnt quite as good as the first Rocky it kinda resembled it in feeling. to me the highlight of the movie was when Rocky sat before the boxing comission and went on a tirade about his "personal rights" when he was denied his liscense even after passing all the physical requirements. it echoed my feelings about todays society which seems to be more worried "being safe" and controlling others rather than being concerned about personal freedoms and letting folks do as they wish so long as they arent harming others or infringing on their "pursuit of happiness".
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    great review brother i feel the same way about the ending it did seem a little rushed and i also could have sat through another half hour or hour and it did resemble the first movie. it was a great movie! gave me chills just like the first one did! glad to hear you enjoyed it!

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    Well I watched the first two or three and i aint much of a stallone person so i aint gonna watch this one but whatever floats yer boat
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    Sounds like it may be a great movie to take little brother too so he can get pumped up about the upcoming wrestling season. hmmmmm
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    I know this might sound cheesy, but it did take we back to my old childhood. We used to listen to the Rocky soundtrack constantly while training for wrestling and football. I was only 14 when Rocky 5 came out (which was a bomb), so this is first time I had a chance to experience a 'new' Rocky movie. If you grew up a Rocky fan, you will love it. As was stated before, lots of flashbacks and similar feel to the original Rocky.