My "real" not "counterfeit" cajun crawfish recipe!

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    im born and raised in south la and have cooked crawfish easily 200 times in my life, and this is my recipe i have perfected over the years...
    i catch most of my crawfish in pillow traps i make all throughout the season...ya'll are gonna love this recipe. as with building a house, there are certain steps to be done at certain times, i went into detail, so make sure u do it in that order...kinda depends on how much ur boilin'...but here's a sack recipe
    oh a sack's about 30-40lbs. !!!!!!!!!!!!ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4 large naval oranges (squeezed, whole)
    1 bag onions (halved)
    8-10 heads garlic (whole)
    1 bag lemons (squeezed, whole)
    1 stalk celery (cut in bout' 1/2" pieces)
    1/2 bottle zatarains liquid crab boil
    3/4 cajunland large jar powdered crab boil
    6 zatarains or cajunland boiling bags
    1 large bag corn (frozen)
    1 big bag creamer or "new" potatoes
    2-3 large packages fresh mushrooms
    1/3 bottle salt
    30-40 bay leaves or just a branch off a bay tree stem and all
    1/2 bottle louisiana hot sauce or other

    i just eyeball amount of water...but just enough to cover crawfish.
    oh!! do not forget to purge the crawfish! a mouthful of sand in every bite is damn unpleasant! just put the crawfish into a ice chest or something and cover with water, add about 1-1/2 or 2 containers of salt to them and gently stir to dissolve salt, let stand for 6-7 minutes...not too long though, or they'll drown! anyways, like i said just enough water in pot to cover crawfish (somewhere around 10-13 gallons), add sqeezed oranges, lemons, cut celery, halved onions, bay leaves, garlic, and boiling bags and bring to boil for 3-4 minutes.
    add powdered crab boil, 1/2 bottle liquid, hot sauce, salt,
    bring back to boil.
    add crawfish and potatoes, bring back to boil and let boil for 7-8 min.
    turn off, remove lid, add corn and mushrooms and stir in, then add either 3 small or one big bag ice and pull out the hose and start wetting the outside of the pot to reduce heat...i know it sound crazy but it works.
    from the time the fire goes out time about 12-15 min. you will know they are ready when 90% of the crawfish sink and only a couple of handfulls are floating.
    when the ice is added, it drastically reduces the temperature which makes the crawfish suck in the boil and sink a lot quicker than without. so overcooking CANNOT happen
    corn will cook during soaking time and also help to reduce temp. b/c it is frozen. so make sure to keep corn frozen. again, sounds crazy when to put in potatoes and corn, but new potatoes are small and cook quickly and corn only needs that 12-15 min to cook and will not be overcooked or overseasoned from sitting in the water too long, which will happen if the corn goes in too quickly...same thing with the potatoes and mushrooms.
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    Mmmmm sounds great!!! to bad I cant do a sacks worth. :(

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    That makes my mouth water and I never had crawfish just looking for my dad
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    Excellent detail to da crawfish boil, Shaun.

    Hey, you know where Plaquemine La is?
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    i know to a "t" where plaquemines is.:big_smile:
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    Being a transpland down here from Illinois I am always interested in new ways to fix crawfish. It seems that everytime we have them I am in charge of cooking them. I will try your way the next time. Rep points your way.
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    One of the few things I have never tried in my life is Crawfish. Not that I can remember anyway. Not a big seller here in Ohio. I would like to try them one day, I ever get down your way I will look ya up. :big_smile:
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    I have a lot of family in Lake Charles and everytime we go there, we always have a BIG crawfish boil and I mean 6 to 8 40 lb sacks at a time.
    We have a big family down there and just can't get enough crawfish to eat, yum, yum.
    Thanks for the recipe.
    My family are real coon ass and love that crawfish.