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    Well, Im not allowed to fish ALL the time, so I had to come up with another hobby. I've been shooting pool for about 14 years for fun, and for the past 3 years, nearly every thursday night, I've been playing in the local division of APA pool. Tonight was our awards banquet, and my team recieved our checks and trophies for winning the division in both 8ball and 9ball for the summer session. After the banquet, we played a blind draw scotch-doubles tournament. My partner and I won that also, collecting another $60 each. Its a good time, and gets me out of the house when I cant go fishing. Just thought I'd share my other hobby. If anyone out there likes to shoot pool, I highly recommend joining the league. It's a very good time, and has potential to take you alot of places! Don't let the excuse "well I'm not very good" hold you back, because in this league, you play on a handicapped level. So, everyone has a nearly equal chance of success!:cool2:

    By the way, the trophies are no longer going to be mine when my 3 year old wakes up. Dad just plays pool to win HIM some trophies.. just ask him!! So, I gotta enjoy them tonight while I still can!:wink:

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    Congratulations Kyle, I am sure your son is very proud of you bringing home some more toys for him. :smile2:

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    congrats. I also play. I have slowed down on playing cause of not having a job. On the other hand that's why I started cat fishing. go figure:eek:oooh:
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    Kyle, congratulations on the fine playing.

    The man that taught me how to use a cue, had three rules I promised to follow.
    1. When playing for fun, try to never play against someone you can beat. (You never learn anything from playing against them)
    2. Never give away a game for any reason. (except......)
    3. Take as many 2nd, 3rd or 4th place as you want, but throw a game before winning 1st place. (Nobody will put money up against a 1st place winner, and they will never remember who came in 2nd, 3rd or 4th.)

    My days of shooting are long gone, but occasionally we in Gateway Cats get together for some lead melting/poker/pool. OldJer, in Herculaneum, is kind enough to allow us to use his home for taking his lead & money.:wink:
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    WTG Kyle, you get to have a good time, win trophy & cash...and the boy is a winner too with the trophy...Everbody in the family wins...don't get much better than that :cool2:
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    And I know your boy really enjoys them also.WTG!!:big_smile:
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    Congrats on the trophys and finding a hobby that you enjoy.