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    Saturday I took my daughter bass fishing when she asked if she can go with me catfishing. Usually only the dog and I go because its serious fishing for me and a no-kids rule is usually in effect. Taken over by her cuteness I finally gave in and decided that she (9) and little brother (6) could go. We got there around 10:30pm and got set up pretty fast. I was fishing for some bream and got a nice bait fish. I threw out the head end and started to light a fire for the kids when suddenly my boy yelled, " Daddy, daddy, your pole is going in the water". I looked up and saw the pole and lounge chair heading down the rocky back. I dashed over and the pole was in but it stopped at the real. I grabbed it yanking it up setting the hook. About 5 seconds later this thing jumped clean out off the water, lol, I've never seen anything like this in my life......Catfish jump ? It took me 15 minutes of fighting and 2 broken nets, one was owned by other guy that happened to be close by. He weighed in at 20lbs. I also pulled in a cat at 9lbs using the other end of the bait fish. I'm so glad they talked me into it. We had rain that past evening on a cold front and the winds were N10mph. I tell you what, both the kids and I will always remember our 1st night catfishing trip together. My previous record was 9lbs so I matched that and broke it with a new 20lb fish. I wish I knew how to get the pics on here. I'm still figuring it all out : ( I learned a few things that night they are: Fishing into the high winds you can still catch fish, and Catfish can jump completely out of the water, lol. - thanks for reading-