My new personal best flathead catfish

Discussion in 'Member Braggin Area' started by shortbus, Jun 25, 2006.

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    Here's a pic of my new 32lb personal best flathead. Caught in the wabash river on live bluegill. We also caught another 15lb flat about 2 hrs after this one. I must have cast right on it's head because no more than 5 min after the rod was in the holder the clicker was zingin!! I've caught several 10 to 15lb flats but man they are nothing compared to a big one. My med/heavy action rod and penn 320 handled it fine. I used a gill about 4" long and I used a 7/0 gamakatsu octopus hook. Thanx for everyones help on here,I'd be lost without it.


    I brought this fish home to show a few friends and get pics. I had him in my horse trough to keep him alive. When I told my friend I was turning it loose he bout came un-glued. I told him it's my fish I can do what I want with it and I feel that turning it loose would be the best. When I took him back to the river I was thinking, "man this is gonna be hard to do". I got him in the water and held his tail working him back and forth some to get him lively. Lot's of people around gawking and askin questions. A five year old boy came up and asked "why are you turning him loose?" I said, so you can catch him someday!! The fish started coming around good and pulled out of my hand, headed up stream in the shallow water (you should have seen all the poles casting out at this time!!LOL) Watching that fish swim away was prolly the most satisfying fishing moment ever for me. It wasn't hard at all and I have NO regrets. Really, turning him loose was just as fun as catching him.
Thread Status:
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