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Discussion in 'Castnet(s)' started by magicman22, Sep 18, 2005.

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    Well, I went to Wallyworld and bought a cheap mono cast net. Practiced some in my back yard and decided I was ready to try it in water! First few casts were ok with a few bad ones mixed in! Anyway, on the first day of having it I got it caught up on something...yep, I walked out...not too deep to get it unsnagged.

    The next day when I started using it again I saw a small tear in the mono. Anyway, fixed it by whipping some mono line in the tear. Sure not a professional job but it works.

    So far I have had no problems finding smaller shad 3-5" range, but my son likes using green sunfish for bass and also catfishing. Can't seem to find them yet, but the bait store in town has them for sale most everyday so he finds them somewhere.

    Any tips or suggestions for green sunfish locations?? Also thanks for the help from those who responded to an earlier post about buying the cast net!!
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    Magicman, you may want to check your local regulations. In some states, it is illegal to cast net bream (bluegills, sunfish, etc.). With that in mind, when they get mixed up in my net, I am usually casting along concrete walls/docks at a local marina. Good luck with the cast net. I started last year with mine and wouldn't go fishing without it.

    I won't name there is a couple of local members that took their castnet back to wallyworld after they tore it and got it replaced due to it being defective...lmao

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    I find a small jig about 1/64 - 1/100 of an oz. works best for green sunfish. I jig it up & down in the rocks next to the bank. You can also try putting a small chunk of worm on the hook.
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    Magicman, try chumming close to the bank with white bread. Wait a few minutes and then try the cast net.