My New Boat!

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  1. Tangler

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    Well here she is. My 16ft Glasstream:smile2::smile2:. I wish I had a true 'before' picture as it is somewhat of a project boat. These pictures were taken after I carpeted the lids and floor. This being the first of the repairs and restoration. I'm hoping to have time this morning to take it down to the boat shop and have it looked over. I just took the trolling motor off of it because it looked like it came back from the war and I plan on replacing it :roll_eyes:.

    Anyways, here she sits. Getting all the lovins that she needs.

    I wanted to put up a couple things that I'm looking for too. If you have any of these parts and you wouldnt mind selling, or know where I can get them cheap, let me know! And Dont tell me Ebay either!! Dont you think I'm looking there!?!:smile2::wink::wink::smile2:

    I need a

    -Trolling motor(must run quiet!!)
    -Throttle handle assembly(my release is broken and i've no key)
    -Seats(4:2 on pedestals, 2 mounted on floor)
    -Steering Cable (1 of 2 broke off at motor)

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    Lookin good, do you need a throttle/linkage cable or a steering cable?

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    Congrats on the boat Ryan. Nice lil' project. Hopefully you'll have it ready for the water soon. I bought my boat around the 10th of January and just itching to get on some water. Keep us posted...