My NC State Record Channel Cat!!!

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    Official Listing on the North Carolina State Website.

    My friend Jason and I had been out all evening, and caught 3 small blues before dark and nothing had hit for hours after. Jason had to work the next morning, so he offered to let me keep his boat for the night, and he would head home to get some sleep. Over an hour passed without a hint of a bite. When I finally decided to leave I moved to the front of the boat to begin getting in the rods when one of the back bait runners began to run. I put the front rod back in the holder and grabbed the rod quickly setting the hook. The fish fought nicely, and had me convinced that it was a nice blue. When I got the fish to the boat I noticed it had a different build to it than that of a blue cat, so I turned on the white lights and saw the awesome gold color of the fish. I immediately called Jason and told him that I believed I had just landed the new state record channel cat. He had just arrived in his drive when the call came and told me where to find some stringers. I stayed at the river as long as I could trying to keep the fish alive, but before I reached Custom Marine Fabricators to have it certified it died in my cooler full of river water. It was caught at 2 AM and weight approximately 20lbs, but was not certified until 7:45 AM when it weighed in at 18 lbs 5.44 oz. I then drove the fish to Kinston to meet with Bob Barwick a North Carolina Wildlife Biologist who confirmed the fish to be the new state record.

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