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    I have a 1972 winner tiki with a chysler 70hp motor,it has 2 big screws at the bottom that says grease fill?

    And the top big flat head screw that says grease fill is leaking some nasty smelling stuff, i guess it is grease, it fills oily but i want to know WHY it is leaking and WHAT will happen IF I dont fix it? Will it be ok? and WHat does that Grease DO? SOMEONE ANYONE HELP!!! DID I tear up my motor!?!?!?!
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    sounds like you better drain it if grease is leaking out theres probaly water in it take both screws out and let it drain and then fill it back up from the bottom un till it comes out the top hole put some new o-rings or little seals back on the screwsif you dont keep good grease in the bottom end it could burn it up. its probaly ok but it wont be if you run it like that . thats your transmission

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    your lower unit is like the rearend of a truck it has 90w gear lube in it to keep it lubricated. those two screws are the vent and drain plugs. take them both out and drain that nasty lube out and refill with fresh lower unit gear lube (you can get this at walmart) when you get the old stuff drained take notice of the color. if it it is black or dark brown then you probably dont have any leaking seals and you can add fresh lube but if it has any white streaks or is grey or milky looking you will have to replace some seals in the lower unit. now if the color is good you should have a spout on the gearlube bottle that u can cut about 1/2 inch off the tip and you should have an opening that will fit securely into the bottom drain hole. squirt the grease into this hole until it comes out the vent hole in top. make sure you get the air out and a steady solid stream of lube comes out the top vent hole. then without taking the lube tube out of the bottom hole reinstall the vent hole screw. now take the lube tube out and quickly install the bottom screw. this oil change should be done once a year at least. while you're at it take the prop off and see that there is no fishing line wound around the shaft behind the prop. (this is a major cause of seal failure which will cause water to enter the lower unit). hope this explains the procedure and hope your seals are intact. good luck
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    FISHSTICK just beat me to it as I was typing:roll_eyes:

    thoes screws are for your lower unit gear oil, like he said, remove both screws and let it sit over night to drain completly,I like to spray a little carburator cleaner around in the bottom also to flush out any crud.. if the oil is kind of milky color your lower unit has a water leak somwhere , it is normol for it to have a bad smell to it, if it comes out dark brown your in good shape, refill it with some marine gear lube. if milky color and dont have the time or money to fix it right now you can get by with some cheap Walmart 80 - 90 rearend lube and change it every mounth or so. fill it from the bottom hole by sticking that cut off tip into the hole and squesing it all in untill the oil comes out of the top hole, most likely it wil take 1 quart , so buy 2 quarts ...also it is MUCH MUCH MUCH easer if the oil is warmed up when going in soak them in HOT HOT water for a good while
    make sure thoes 2 screws still have the plastic washers on them.
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    Replace the 2 plastic washers from behind each screw and see if you can find a Manuel for your motor.