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Discussion in 'Carp Fishing' started by jolie, Sep 9, 2008.

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    went fishing down last night at the river and had the following experience

    "Went back to the Cathatch.. the water was high. some fiddling around nibbles (sadly I'm very much getting use to that)... than a good jerk- Yes I'm NOT skunked.

    pretty small though just 12".

    Kind of a short night (it being a work night) in all... and then finally a good take, subtle but definite... I set the hook and Know I am into a serious fish; it is make a dashing run towards pittsburgh. YES a list FISH!!!... I fight it back about half-way; and in the middle of my fight.

    THE OTHER Pool goes!!! again a sharp tug, then as I set it; that heavy fish makes a mad dash down the river

    :crazy::crazy::crazy: Two trophy fish at ONce:crazy:

    its crazy. somehow I manage to keep the lines from crossing and slowly swing the first one in... when I see those lips I get the second suprise- CARP?:crazy: who ever heard on carp taking chicken LIver?:crazy::crazy: The second fish is a carp too:eek:oooh:

    well, the first one tangles in my net and is a jolly darn bugger with the other one on. happily the second ones rather tired by the time the first guy is out and I bring the second one in. They both monsters; 23" and 24" and coolest of all 6#9 and 7#0!!! if they had been cats; I would have had one list fish!:smile2:

    a couple more playful bites and my night is over. way I figure it; probably much of the light bites last night were probably carp. They do have an annoying light bite, espacially with a #2 treble..

    I appreciate the action. catching two hefty fish at once, was Quite exciting..."
    Incidentally this occasionally happens to me. Normally carp a very picky eaters and will ignore livers, worms, and lots of other baits. they 'match the hatch' better than any trout:smile2:. but occasionally during a sharp rise in water level; carp will feed with reckless abandon!!! Any way it was lots of fun!:cool2:
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    ohio - Groveport
    haha ive done this! i was hooked, down at ceasers creek ohio, onto what i thought was going to be at least a 25 pound cat. ha i fought it on a light rod and line( all i had available at the time) it fought so hard taking line out like crazy. when i finally got it to the bank it was a 20 pound carp! had a hugeee gut to it and was pretty long. ha i was shocked, happy and upset all at the same time :smile2:

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    Haha I always fish with two rods when I go.A medium and a light.The light for carp around where I'm at and the medium for playing with bass.Never got lucky enough to get two at the same time though.Good times indeed.
  4. Trahviiz

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    It's actually not so uncommon to catch carp on liver. There's actually a few carp baits based on liver.

    I was down at my creek 2 days ago and caught a carp on the mid section of shad. o_O

    Just like the others I thought I had a decent cat, got it banked and my jaw dropped.
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    North Dakota
    I was out recently jolie, fishing alone, on a riprap pile. Only semi flat spot was pretty much surrounded by mud, and closer to the water than I liked. So I wasn't feeling very secure.

    Put one big cut bait out downstream. And in the eddy right above me I could see Carp jumping, so I bait up a double hook right with a doughball & throw it up there for carp.

    Cut bait rod went, pick it up, set the hook, ohhh, BIG fish on! Second rod goes, stick 1st rod between my knees, grab 2nd, set hook. And I feel a fish fighting, then Its stuck?

    So back and forth I go, eventually give up on the carp, to concentrate on what is a very nice cat on the cut bait. Keeping that 2nd rod between my knees because if I let go of it it will get unstuck for sure. Eventually land him, 10# 12 oz's, dehook, weigh and release.

    Get up and work my way to a different angle. I can still feel something down there on the end of my line. Well I eventually got it moving. Turned out to be a 2# catfish and a 15# waterlogged stick stuck in the mud. The line just happened to slip down a crack in the end and stuck.

    And that catfish ate a doughball designed for carp.

    So you just never know. :)

    Might want to make up some doughballs for those nights the cats are not biting. :)
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    Philadelphia, P

    Try chummin a half can of sweetcorn where you intend to fish. Use the smallest hook you can find and use light line. If/when you get them in a feeding frenzy, you chances of hook up is greater.