My husband and I are struck speechless!!

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    I have been gone most of the day,did get on my sister's computer and looked BOC over but didn't stay on very long! Anyway,I have to say,that all of you are so very special to me! My husband presented me with the mail and in it was an envelope addressed to me Pk Powell. Inside I found a letter and I also found cash! This cash is from a BOC family member.They requested that I not mention their name so I will honor that request.However they requested something from me but in order for me to honor that request I must have a return mailing address! You know who you are so when you read this post please PM me! All I can say is each and everyone of you hold a very special place in my heart. Thank you to everyone because in your own special way you have shown that you truly care about me and my family and for that I am deeply moved! You each are in my prayers as a whole! I am so very happy that I joined this site a year ago October! Love to you all!