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My Hang-up

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I have a certain spot where I cast right where a creek mouth meets the Ohio river. From the bank I usually can put my bait in the very same spot on each cast. I have lost two really nice fish (30 lbs +), which Im sure were both flatheads on this same snag and had to break the line each time. On four other occasions, I have snagged on this same spot just reeling in to check my bait. I always convince myself to try that spot one more time. Is this some kind of sickness that I have or is this normal behavior of an avid flathead fisherman? LOL
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I do the same thing. If I ever caught a fish in a hole I will fish it regardless.

whatever it takes

Wolfman, I think it's normal...I mean normal for an avid Flatheader....Not for a weekend warrior. Everyone I know who is dedicated would do the same thing over and know why? because one day we'll pull out a brute! No doubt in my will happen!

Try something a bit different...maybe a float rig or some limb/pole lines...
If your not getting snagged and losing rigs. Then your not fishing where the flatheads are at!!!!

Can you fish that hole with a float?? How deep is the water there?? How heavy of line are you using and what kind of a reel?? God do I ask some crazy questions. My thought is I might fish that hole in a different way and when Hit he is coming to the House.

Let me know:

Gotta agree, if your gettin hung up your in the right spot for flats. Hey some bodys gotta keep the taclkle manufactures in business Wolman LOL. Trick may be to try to set up just on the outside of it or as mentioned a float. You can allways fish rite in it and use really heavy stuff to pull them out. Hope you get em!!!
Hey Wolfman, as we all know where there is snags, and structure, there are flatheads! I guess it is kind of a sickness, but it's bound to pay off! Keep at it, who cares if you have to re-rig your line. You're going to pull in that 70 pounder, I feel it! Good Luck Buddy!!
The water is about 20-23 feet deep. 11 foot Ugly stick with a Shimano 6500 baitrunner spinning reel. I have 40# Big Game line on it and using a 10/0 Gama big river hook. As much as I hate to was thinking about spooling on some of that super line stuff like power pro or spiderwire or something on one of my baitcasters. Dont mind re-tieing on my rigs, just that the hooks are expensive and I hate loosing them.
You'll never catch them if you don't keep trying. Caught a 35# Flat last Friday night, wrapped around two trees before I could get to him. Luckily my little jon boat navigates the timber very well, and 2-5' water depth doesn't hurt either. Good luck!
I do that is several holes. I get snagged and lose takle , but it's worth the nice flatheads i catch there. I guess if you do get 250 lb. power pro you could get all your tackle back....LOL
Sounds pretty normal to me Wolfman. Gotta put that bait where they live.
Hey Wolfman, You ain't abnormal, I think,LMAO!!!
You keep at them . Flatheads are territorial creatures and they will stay there as long as someone else doesn't catch them before you do. Where did you say this spot was ;) ;) ;) LMAO!!!
Go Wolfman!!! The brotherhood is pulling for you to winch that flattie out of that snag. I kind of like the idea of a float also. Those flats will come up for the bait and you may have a chance to yank him off that snag before he gets under it again. Best Of Luck......
never give up you are fishing where they live.question.forgottenhart replied
you may be able to remove the hang up and recover lost question
is if the hangup is removed will the fish still be there? :confused:
LOL, just hop in the boat with DH and motor up the Ohio river several hundred miles until you get to the mouth of Fish creek. DH knows where it is.There should be plenty of marinas along the way to stop for gas.
We would have to wait till the river was way up so we could go over the dams, because I don't think DH would want to slow down long enough to lock through :D :D :D
I like the idea of a sliding float with a bobber stop, I'd swim a live gill at about 20' right above the snag.
Some of the catfish in your guys pictures make me sick, I would listen to them though. The pictures are proof that they know what they are talking about. I loose lots of rigs, mostly sinkers though because of the way I rig my line up, I would keep trying it, eventually he will come out and you will get him in.
If you fish a carolina rig try putting a 3in. crappie float on the leader between the hook and swivel. This might keep your hook above those snags. Or if you use a paternoster rig tie your sinker on with light line that way you only lose your sinker not the whole rig. Otherwise I say give noodling a try provided you can swim at the very least dive down and get some of your rigs back.
You Know Me Wolfman I Keep Trying Till I Get Him. J Ruckman36
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