my funny dog, had to post these!

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    I took a 14 year old neighbor kid fishing on a local lake last week and ended up getting some funny pictures, I thought they were anyway. My dog Angel thinks the front seat in my fishing boat is hers and my neighbor was sitting there so Angel got mad and was sitting on the front staring me down. Well, when I looked up I noticed that we had put the landing net up there and she happened to be sitting in it. Then when she didn't get her way she laid down in it and was pouting. I guess thats what ya get when you treat your dogs like they're kids! Chris

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  2. spoonfish

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    Thats funny Chris. Thanks for the pics. I guess I know where I have to ride when we go ....:smile2:

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    It's funny how pets can get back at you just like kids. My dog's the same way.
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    That is funny how dogs show emotion like that. Chris what would you have done if you needed the net. Maybe she was mad enough to hold the net hostage:smile2:.

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    She sure looks like a great fishing buddy though. Thanks for the pics.
    I am a dog person myself and I always enjoy hearing good stories about
    people and their dogs.
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    Did i ever tell you the story of Blake my dog and duck hunting, NO? Well lets begin it was a cold December morning around 4 am cold as heck around 15, I was just got the boat in the water and was parking the truck, I let Blake out of his cage and he did his usual thing you know pee, and poop, I got his neoprean vest on, and then went to the boat, My son and daughter and her boy friend was already at the boat warming up the motor, we got to the dock and Blake jumped into the boat and we proceeded to go to the blind. The blind was a good 20 min run in the dark, Blake was a little antsey he went to the bow of the boat then to the stern and back to the bow, This made me a little neverous, I was on plane and moving good I was in a stright shot to the Blind and i could see the water, clear as day time with the reflection of the sky on the water. All of a sudden Blake, already on the bow squats and takes a big Dump! I could not stop the boat with out sending him overbord so we just sat there in shock, After he was done he came back to me and sat next to me. He look at me as to say "WHAT" By the time we got to the blind the poop was frozen solid, and we all just looked at each other and laughed,
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    Chris, it definitely looks like Angel has a little "devil":angry: in those eyes! Isn't it funny how those so-called dumb animals can let us know real quick when we've screwed up?? :big_smile:Great pictures!!