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My front yard every morning

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I have deer in my Front yard every morning, I havent seen any "good" bucks yet this year I think the biggest so far was a 6 pt. but this year we had a set of triplets show up, have seen many sets of twins but this is the first set of triplets. enjoy.
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This little fella was in the yard about an hour ago looks to be a small 6 point, just loading up on grass.
Neat pictures Jim!

Nice to have them come up in your yard.
That's awesome. I love being able to watch deer just do what they do. Thanks for sharing the pics!
I sire would like to have some tender deer steaks. Heck you have tamed those!! Jenny will not let you kill those.
Good pics Mack, It looks like ya need a bunch more or you'll have to start mowing the grass. :D
get a few small ones thru our yard once in a while too.
nice pics , little mac ... thanks for sharing

thou i woulndt call a 6 pt small by any means ...
a deers horns grow to size because of genitcs
and also what the deer has eaten ... that small
6 is probaly at least 2 years old ... and most deer
are killed before they will reach to be what is
called "wallhanger" status ... or what we like to
call around here a "Christmas tree" ...
My wife Jennie has bottle fed a couple fawns That folks have brought us. I personally wish folks would just leave them be, but they think hey this fawn is alone I will care for it Not knowing that the doe is probably not far away eating. Ive hunted deer ever since i could hold a rifle and have studied thier behaviors, Ive also planted plots to suppliment thier food trying all along to really suppliment thier horn growth, Up here That "little 6" is about standard for 2 year olds but every once in a while I see a real hum dinger lol. I shot a "nice for up here" 8 point couple seasons back, I had him mounted. I call him my "high Noon" buck. I decided to go to my blind at noon one day and 15 min later after 2 grunts here he came. easiest hunt of my life. :D
Now Kieth, If i mowed the grass I wouldnt see the deer, actually I do mow just not short like folk that care how they prune thier yards, Myself I keep it tidy but Im not runnin for yard of the week. ;)
:D Just a friendly poke mac,hehe
One of the little ponds we sometimes fish is covered all around with veggies for the deer. The owner plants peas all kinds of stuff for em.
And for the record, my ain't manicured neither,LOL
Good looking buck by the way.
Awsome pics brother that looks like a young buck there you know that daddy has to be around somewhere. Man I would love to watch them everyday that is awsome you got me all fired up. Keep them pics coming.
Jim, the deer in the yard are nice unless they get to be too many.
A few years ago we looked at some property around Lake LBJ in Texas and those folks have to install electric fences around their scrubs, flower beds and gardens to keep the deer out. Deer was everywhere, I never knew there were as many and it's no game preserve.
your right about that, we used to grow a garden! even with metal pans on post clanging with the wind it still didnt stop them, Now Jennie plants her tomato plants in the flower beds next to the house.
Keith, I know your "pokin" :) I'm just pokin back! :p
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