My fishing weekend

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by loki1982, Oct 1, 2006.

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    Well went out Thursday afternoon to see if I could get some bait or some small cats. Took tortilla, which is my go to bait for channels and carp.

    Within an hour I had 3 channels, largest was 14 inches, and a 7# carp. Took the carp home and froze it. Its gonna be cut bait for a family get together on Lake Fork in 2 weeks.

    Went back out Friday night with my dad at around 7:30. Caught 5 bags of shad which are also gonna be our bait for our trip.

    Baited up 6 rods with shad and fished about 3 hours, had some bites but no fish. Good news is, the water is down to 75 from 82 2 weeks ago. Bad news is, our lake is down 11 foot STILL.
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    Montgomery, Alabama
    Thats is cool, It's sounds like u had a good time!

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    i can relate to that i used to and nead to stock up on the shade lately i been buying out of fishing a while well good luck and wish you luck on your next trip.