My fishin' buddy, Peglegreb

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    Folks, let me tell you about my fishin' pard, Peglegreb. First, he's tight as Dick's hat band! :)
    Part one:
    First things first. Now, the end of the Society Boat ramp has a hole under it. I guess the water washed it out near the end of the ramp. EVERYONE knows that flatties like to hang out under it, a monster in fact, and many people fish it. Usually when folks hang the monster, he runs back under the ramp and is impossible to get out. So Peglegreb backs his truck down there to try and catch him. Many folks back their truck down there to fish when there is inactivity at the ramp. He's hung the monster before with the results mentioned above. Well, he hung the MONSTER! The fish kept going this time, down river. Couldn't turn him. Stripped off the usual FIFTY or SIXTY :crazy: yards he keeps on his reel like a dragster going through the quarter mile. So, recently we heard that some local caught a 57 pound flattie under there. There is a great possibility this was the same fish! :smile2: Yeah, I'm laughing!!
    Part two;
    So, I'm always ribbing him about his antiquated reels and rods. Finally, this week, he gives in. He had asked me to scope out a couple of Abu reels for him like I had. I was filled with pride that he was finally waking up! Now, I scored my BRAND NEW Abu 6000s off eBay BEFORE it got warm enough to fish, for $35 each. Now that the "season" has started, you can't find the same deal like I got. So rather than kick out an extra 15 or 20 bucks for the Abus, he bought two Shakespeare bait casters from Wal-Mart. What I think about those reels is another story, but the reels was not the real issue I had. On both BRAND NEW reels, he has his usual 50 or 60 yards of line. You can almost see the spool through the line! :crazy:. I anxiously await the next big fish to take all his line so I can continue laughing! I have said nothing here that I have not told him. If he did not have much money it would not even be spoken. Hard to get an angle on some people, but they sure provide a lot of excitement! I'm sure he will read this, and probably say: "Well, I HAVE caught 2 more fish than you this year." Or "Yeah, you lost a monster this year using the 20# mono because you are too tight to buy the 80# braided." OK, the first statement is true, and the first half of statement two is true, but I don't have the braided yet, because I haven't been able to afford it yet. It's coming though! :) And I promise you, all my reels have at least a near full spool of line!
    Bill in Bennettsville