My first trout!

Discussion in 'Trout Fishing' started by catmanofohio, Mar 23, 2007.

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    Aberdeen (Southern Ohio)
    Wed. i took my 9 year old brother to Adams Lake here in my home town, they stocked 2500 trout between 10-16 in long a few weekends ago... so we flipped some rocks for small red worms, and took a can of whole kernel corn along, a few bobbers and 3 poles... my little brother struck first with a small blue gill, (using bobber about 1 ft deep with 2 pieces of corn and a small worm).. i was fishing a pole on the bottom with 3 or 4 pieces of corn some body left on the ground earlier that day about 20 feet off the bank, when it ran, i was fighting a nice little 12-13 in trout... put it in the bucket, then my brother connected with a nice little channel cat about 1.5 lbs through it back, then i caught 2 more trout about 12-14 inches long.. they fight pretty good... so came home and took the guts and head off/out of the fish and fried em up with hush puppies and some potato salad :D but just wanted to let everyone know that i caught a few nice trout! Later all happy fishing!
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    CONGRATS! Sounds like a good time.

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    Man what a good day you had!! I can't wait to get out there and catch a few for the frying pan!!
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    it's hard to beat some winter trout fishing! for me, they keep me sane in the time when the cats and walleyes really aren't hitting all that much!
    i stock a bunch in the freezer so i have trout to grill all summer. good eats!