My first trip in my "new" boat

Discussion in 'Boating Stories' started by wpsatisfide, Feb 6, 2006.

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    Pawleys Island, SC
    This last october I bought my first boat, a lil 1990 15ft center console. Now i have done most of my fishing from the bank, although ive used my friends uncles pontoon a lil. Still im new to boats and all the work that they need.

    My first time out I decided to drive the extra hour to put in at the lake as opposed to the river. This was about the only smart move i made. Before leaving the house I checked to make sure motor would crank, which it did. I arrive at the lake and friend backs boat into the water. Im sitting in the boat and realize "oh crap i forgot to put the plug in :crying: ". I start yelling for my friend to pull boat out.

    I put the plug in and we try again. Good now im in water and tied up to dock. We load bait, cooler, rods etc. into boat and my friend shoves off. Waaah Waah Wah. Uh oh must be a loose connection on battery because boat had just cranked. Wiggle myself into the transom, unscrew connections and screw them back. Well that didnt help. Guess we better paddle to shore. Where is my paddle:confused: Darn I left my brand new paddle in the hatch of the explorer along with my cell phone. Were now about 60 feet from shore and its not the warmest day of november and swiming to shore looks like a cold cold choice. My bud and I decide to try and hook a dock and pull the boat back to shore.

    Ok were now back to shore and tied off again. At this point I have learned 3 very important things.
    1) charge the battery
    2) plug the boat before backing it in. I know keep my key attached to plug so I dont forget.
    3) check and recheck to make sure you have paddles, jackets, cell phone, etc

    I borrow the battery from his uncles pontoon. Yay were now on the water and motor cranks. We mess around a lil, catch a few twirlers, and basically just ride all over the lake. Its the first time out so im running the boat all over the place enjoying myself. Well ive been on the water all day mostly driving and my gas gauge is still showing half full. Now I dunno how many gallons the tank is but I put 7 gallons in it and it was full.

    Well we drive around a bit more and then try another spot to no luck. Crank up and start moving again. Its been a rough first day for me and the boat, but motor is running fine and ive enjoyed myself. What else could go wrong? Were heading back to landing. Were about 2/3 way there when motor starts sounding a little funny, kind of sputtering and acceleration is decreasing. I turn gas gauge back on and its showing empty. Thankfully I made it back to the landing before I ran entirely out of gas, but I knwo I was running on fumes.

    More lessons learned
    4) always carry emergency gasoline
    5) Never trust a boats instrument panels unless your familiar with the boat. My gas gauge goes from full to halfway and then at halfway it will jump quickly to empty. Dunno why but at half a tank I better be refueling.
    6) When you take your "new" boat out for the maiden voyage, prepare for the worse because with my luck that is probably what will happen
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    West Tn
    It gets better.
    Also the best 2 days of owning a boat. The first day. And the day you sell it. So to show how crazy I am. I only have 4 boats.
    Good luck and have fun catch lots of fish. But be safe.

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    Welcome to the world of boat ownership.:)
    Like pete said it gets better. When I haven't figured that one out.
    Like pete I also have four.
    But that beats having an x wife anyday.:)

    Man was made for three things, marrage,own a boat. fishing.
    Not always in that order though.:)
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    I have watched boats sink (no plugs) and pulled out my sunken boat. I will tell you from experience if you sit in the boat as its lowered in. Start the motor when the lower unit is covered (prevents water pump from burning up)

    If you forget to put the plug in you can take off and the water will get sucked out. and can be retrailered or just run back and put the plug in when boat is idling. bilge/bucket will get the water out. Now if the spouse is backing the trailer in remind them to steer from the bottom of the stearing wheel.

    Yelling and name calling has never been proven to improve trailer backing skills. A fire exstinguisher is not optional. Get a lower unit hose attachment. I always start mine with water going into the lower unit and before I leave the house. Oddly trying to fix your boat on the dock seems to irritate the other boaters. Always run two tanks. When one runs out you have need to retrace your route back. Inlaws and other weight additions can really take a toll on fuel usage.

    Just my opinion. As soon as I bail my boat out and my wife is speaking to me again after the docking incident I may have more.
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    Brookville OH
    yeah theres lots of stuff you have to learn about boating. My dad will become Mr. Pratt boat teacher this weekend when BigCatSteve and I pick up our boat
  6. Larry

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    You got most of it out of your system the first time out.
    It better than having one of those things happend your first 1/2 dozen times out. Plus now your taking mr. Murphy into account everytime you hook up the boat,
    Guarantee that you will be taking all things that can go wrong into consideration for the future.
    I bet you'll never have the same types of problems again.
    Good Luck
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    Here's something I learned about boating a long time ago. Get you an ammo can, the kind with the waterproof seal and put this stuff in it. I use a .50 cal can. A roll of black tape, some electrical connectors in a little waterproof box, about five feet of electrical wiring, spare set of spark plugs, cheap spark plug wrench, 10" crescent wrench, straight and phillips screw driver, pair of pliers, cheap plastic utility knife, spare plug, spare set of keys, shear pins if running an older outboard, spare prop nut(because I carry a spare prop), small flashlight, a couple of hose clamps, a 12" piece of fuel line, two fuel line straight connectors, spare fuel bulb, spare set of bulbs for running lights, spare fuses, disposable bic lighter, small first aid kit, about half a roll of toilet paper smashed flat in a zip lock bag. There is probably some things I have forgot, but these items will fix a lot of boat problems. The space taken up by the box is minimal and needing one thing out of the box is worth leaving a little tackle at home. You wouldn't believe the fixes I have "Mcgiver'ed" out of that box! LOL! I am sure as you gain more boating experience you will think of other things to add to your box. Good luck with the boat! Boog
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    Glen, that's a great idea ya have there. I carry a few things but from what I just learned, I need more.

    wpsatisfide, it gets better Bro. Good luck out there and be safe.