My first strictly catfishing trip

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Gibbzilla, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Gibbzilla

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    East Texas
    I've been a bass fisherman my whole life, but have decided to start focusin on cats. I went out to the boat house on Lake Murvaul, East Texas today(my sweet spot), and got several catfish bites but could only land a 1 pounder with a sorta gold tint to it. Didn't think it was a channel. I'm havin trouble keepin the fish on my Gamakatsu 4/0 and 5/0 octupus circles, and was wonderin if anybody got any tips for me.
  2. IL Hunter

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    Don't set the hook. Let the fish take the bait and the action in the rod will put the hook right the the Cat's mouth. All you have to do is pick the rod up and reel it in!

  3. crusinman2002

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    Mukwonago, Wisconsin
    i think that circle hooks take a bit more patience than what you may have... catfish are illusive... specially when you first start fishin for them... i would put the circle hooks in the box for a while and use some good ole j style hooks... they will never fail you... then you can set the drag low, let them take the bait, and bam... set the hook... after you get the feel... go back to the circle hooks and keep in mind that you can't set the hook... i bet you will have better results... one thing to keep in mind is that catfish are smarter than we think... if they feel the tension of the rod and the tight line, they may just drop the bait and leave... i've had it happen to me more than i would like... but its fishin... i love circle hooks when bobber fishing, but not really when tight lining on the bottom... there is less resistance when fishing with a bobber, so they tend to take the bait more willingly... what i do for bottom fishing for them is tight line, set the drag real low, and when i go to set the hook, i grab the spool with one hand, and the rod with the other, and set the hook... then i tighten the drag and fight the fish in... but... everyone has there own style... if you want to keep the circle hooks, you can set the drag low, and when you hear your drag crankin, grab the rod in one hand, then gradually tighten the drag with your other hand... then you know the bait is prolly in the fish's mouth since he is running with it and when you start to stop the hook, it will start putting tension on the line, but don't tighten it all at once, it will take the hook out of the fish's mouth... slowly, but not too slowly tighten the drag... that will allow enough tension for the hook to work the way it should, and when your drag is set to where you want it start to fight the fish in... i've had a couple of fish go into cover with this method, but if your using good line, you should be able to get them back out.... hope this helps
  4. catfish chaser

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    Great to see your getting more into catfishing. If your using circle hooks the fish will hook themselves. you really don't have to set the hook hard. Just remember it takes some time to get used to fishing for a new kind of fish
  5. teaysvalleyguy

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    Circle Hooks are a hard hook to start with brother. I would switch to a Kahle. They can hook themselves but you can also set the hook. Good luck on the water, I use a 5/0 Eagle Claw Kahle when targeting Channels. Hope this helps.
  6. laidbck111

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    Welcome to the first steps of a life long addiction. If you are using circle hooks wait until the rod really loads up and the fish will hook itself if you are using J are off set hooks try a smaller piece of bait.
  7. uptoolate

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    Congratulations on being born again. You will save tens of thousands of dollars in the next year. And you will catch hundreds if not thousands more fish. If you use live bait you may still catch bass, too. It's been my experience if you go only after one fish species, you'll catch something else as well, but if you just put your bait in the water you'll probably catch one species all day. Sounds like you had a channel to me brother. Way better eating than a bass any day.