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My first problem with a Abu 6500

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Went fishing tonight and on one of my reels the bait clicker quit working. It would start off fine then the clicking would stop and the reel would go into free spin. I cant use the baitclicker now for fear of backlashes. HELP
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derbycitycatman.... Remove the three screws on the left side plate and you will find a thin strip of copper that is attached to your plastic clicker switch with a pin. I would say it is loose or bent away from the clicker plate. When you take the side plate off it should still be attached to the side plate and you will see what I mean. You may be able to bend it back into working condition again. If it is broken or the pin is missing you can go to Abu Garcia's website and find the part numbers from the schematic that matches your reel and give them a call to order. Also check the clicker plate to make sure no springs are broken or no other missing parts. Abu
hey abu.........hows it going brother?? u sure do know a lot about these reels........we need to hit up the muskingum next time im in ohio.........when are u gonna open up a reel repair shop/ bait shop?? u can call it the southern perry county reel repair and bait shop.........jk lol

ps............did u ever go and check out the fishermans wharehouse??
Thanks for the info ABU.
I had the clicker plate on wrong. I put those black sleeves on underneath the plate and put them on top this time and it seems to be fine. I set up my pole with the clicker engaged and was able to run off 10-20 yds in the yard without any freespin.
I had just cleaned all 3 of my 6500's and I guess I had an idiot error. Not the first one and def. not the last. :eek:
derbycitycatman.... Good deal, glad to hear you got it fixed. I have had plenty of the idiot errors but I just call them learning experiences. :D
Grrr. I spoke too soon. I just checked my reel and its better but not totally fixed. It will click perfectly for awhile but I check it 10 mins. later and it does what it did before.
Im thinking that flat bronze piece(12648) may be weak or something. Should it be perfectly flat? I looked at the schematics and it looks like it should have 2 bends in it. I think mine had 4 bends. Im scared to open it back up.
Im going to start looking at yard sales for reels so I have something to tinker with without messing up my good reels. Think pawn shops will let me look at their reels.LOL
Just curious, do you know what actually make the clicking sound? I cant tell if its that bronze piece hitting the small sprocket or the big sprocket
i had the same problem .. i did what abu said and it works fine

altho i had the problem a little ways back and that's what the abu rep told me to do

my other problem is the nut that holds the reel handle on won't stay tight .. i'm gonna have to glue the darn thing on pretty soon here
Hi Brian. Here is a webpage showing you what a working clicker for your 6500c3 should look like. Click Here To Fix Your Bait Clicker Hope the photos help. Abu
No question about it. That thin skinny piece of metal has a couple extra bends in it. I just know I forced it after cleaning it. DOH
Thanks again,
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