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Do you remember your 1st B.O.C. post? I do. I posted this story back in 2002 and wanted to bring back to life for the new members.

I think it was about 1980 or so when Pa and I took a trip to Monroe lake in south central Indiana. Back then we usually ate what we caught at the campground and we planned to have catfish on the menu later that evening.
It was long hot day of fishing and we didnt have anything before anchoring down one last time that late after noon. We baited the lines with some big nightcrawlers and decided to drop the lines straight down to the bottom from the boat. About an hour went by and still no bites. Frustrated and bored, i was getting the munchies and dug out a can of Planters peanuts to hold me over til dinner. I put the can on the side of the boat and from time to time would grab a hand full. On one reach, I accidently knocked the can over the side into the lake and the peanuts were gone after retrieving the can quickly. Not 3 minutes went by when Pa's pole went down and he grabbed it and reeled in a nice 10 pound channel. Before he got the fish unhooked his other pole went down and he landed another channel that went about 9 pounds. I ended up catching 3 channel cats all between 5 and 8 lbs after that.
Now we never had this kind of action before and couldnt for the life of us figure why all of a sudden such a feeding frenzy this was. We didnt feel like we needed more than what we had so off to the ramp we went to load up. Back at camp we started to clean the catfish and cut the 1st one open. Yep, you guessed right, a belly full of Planters peanuts. After cleaning all the cats we found peanuts in all of them. Yes, catfish was served that night for dinner at our camp. Ever since then Planters peanuts has been the snack of choice for us to take on the boat.
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