My first monster flatty

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    my good buddy and i were fishing the big pee dee river, got on the water at 5:30 that morning the water was high and fast moving we started fishing in small slews for bream. After we caught a dozen or so we tried our luck at the cats. we caught a few keepers 5#-8# range. around 1:30pm we were talking about heading back when i saw a nice spot to cast so we tried it. i baited with a live bream on one rod and a bream head on the other. 5 minutes after sitting my pull started bending so i grabbed it. it felt like i was hung up so i pulled up hard and it pulled back i realized right then this was the biggest fish i ever caught the weird thing is the fish didn't fight much it was just like pulling up a big log but when he broke the surface for the first time i almost let go of the rod. my buddy was yelling for me to get him up. pulling on this fish also caused the anchor to come loose and the current run us in to a log jam. then all i could think about was water moccassins. it only took me about 10 min to bring him to the boat and my buddy netted him. the net was too small so i had to hold his tail while my buddy lifted the bending net.we immediatly put a stringer through the lip so we wouldn't lose him then we scaled him at 55# this was truly my biggest glad my buddy got me involved in catfishing this was my second year of it.