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Discussion in 'Boating Stories' started by derbycitycatman, Sep 14, 2005.

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    Man oh man. I got a bunch of these boating stories. Ok, here we go.
    I got my first boat when I was 16 and took her out right away. It was a 16' vhull w/ 25 hp evinrude. Well we drive down to Taylorsville Lake and I back her down just fine, few corrections but nothing major.

    We fish all day and catch all day, it was great. We caught hybrids, bluegill, and channels. Its starting to get dark so we head back. My buddies in the boat while im trying to back down the ramp. Major malfunction, I cant for the life of me back this trailor down the ramp. My friend notices an old man laughing and asks whats funny. He points to me and falls out of his seat. IM on the ramp straightening out the trailor every 5-10 feet. They said they timed me and it was like 15 minutes. :eek:

    Well we finally get the boat loaded up and my friend cant stop laughing and im so miffed I dont say a word the entire trip home. He still laughs to this day, but now i can back that trailer down without having to get out of my truck.
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    that's one of the few things i'm good at is backing a trailer. i can do that all day long, always have been able to. don't think i'm bragging though, the list of things i'm not good at is a lot longer than the list of things i am good at.