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My first big crappie (pic)

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Here is a picture of my first big crappie. We are at the most northern range of the crappie and they don't have a very long growing season.I wonder how old this 14 3/4" black crappie is (still swimmin and growing :D ) Got if drifting a 1/16th oz jig with half a nightcrawler.

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Nice crappie you have there. Hope there are more big ones to come!
Nice, just right for fileting.

I just got up from the table from finishing off a plate full of crappie filets... my favorite eating fish.
Those are some good fun on light line and some good eating. Way to good
About 10 or 12 of those an you got one heck of a good fish fry.
TrophyHunter, you catch em, and loop will cook them, and I will come eat em. LOL. Sounds like a plan to me. Good look perch, second best eatin fish behind a flathead. Good job.
very nice paper to peel a bunch through the ice. wont be long get the shanty out :cool:
Hey TrophyHunter,

That's a nice Crappie! :eek:

I would like to get into a bunch of paper mouths like that! :006:

"Good Job :D "

Take It Easy,
Bert :cool:
Thats a nice slab u got , i went today and its got a little chilly down here , so i thought i would go snatch some crappies. I caught about 15 nice ones ,and one that weighed about 1lb. and a half.Good luck to all.
Nice crappie.Its starting to cool down around here,I do my best crappie fishing in nov-dec,until the water freezes.Have got 2 18 inchers before.I use small jigs tipped with crappie nibbles under a float,no movement,just let the wind blow it around.
NIce Crappie!! Keep it up and you will have a great fish fry. When should we all be over for dinner? :p
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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