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    Jacob, you were asking the other day what rod and reel I used. Now I bought it in Alaska for trolling king salmon but it has since proven to be my BEST catfish rod ever. Also it did cost me more up there than it would have down here but oh well its paid for now LOL. In total with the 250 yards of 100lb power pro on it I have around $400 in it but it is so worth it. From the looks of it you could get the whole setup without the line for $270ish at cabelas. Now, the thing that blows my mind on this is how far I can cast it with a 7" rod that 2" of it is handle and a reel that is designed for trolling and even has a line counter on it. I can cast this thing a good 100 yards with a 3oz weight and our normal sized bait. That is not an exageration either, this thing will get it out there and I have 100lb braided line on it right now. This rod atleast would be what you are looking for I promise, I am getting another exactly like it other than the reel is just gonna be the telora 600 without the line counter and you can use the old one when I get back home. Do me a favor and save a little money and go get this $70 dollar rod and if you dont like it when i get home ill just buy it from you or trade you those 2 ambassader reels i dont use.

    ROD TLA-70M

    THE ROD:
    I dont know really how to explain the action of the rod, it is a medium action but that is all we need and I promise you, after pulling up a 147lb Halibut from 200 feet of water I know that it will handle any catfish we ever hook into. The tip of the rod isnt thin or flimsy but it is sensitive and I can tell even if I have a little channel messing with it but the rod is as round as your thumb at the base of it and it will bend all the way down to your handle if you got a good one. I want to stress to you that this rod will bend ALOT if you got a good one on BUT dont be fooled and think that it is a flimsy rod that bends like crazy, the hook sets I get on this are great and the flexability that it does have does not interfere like some rods i have used "cough" ugly stick "cough" sorry im not a fan of them. The butt of it is big and padded to so it wont dig into your wasteline and give ya a hard time there and the handle is very big around so it fits your hand.


    This reel is the smoothest thing I have ever used. What you would like about it is that the thing is a little bigger than what you use and it fits the job a little more imo. On the bottom of it, it has 2 srew holes and a mount that hooks it down to the rod for stability, so you have more that just your rod holding the reel down... The reel is holding itself down, that makes me happy and I NEVER have to tighten it back down because it worked itself loose from the rod after reeling in a big fish. It has a HUGE spool and I had like dang near 300 yards of 100lb line on it when I started. It is made for trolling but it casts SOOOO smooth and has a wounderful clicker on it that is as big around as your thumb and so easy to flip as soon as you feel the need so you dont have to listen to that horrid sound any longer than you need to LOL! Another thing about it is the handle itself, it has only one and the other side is counter balanced unlike alot of bigger reels and it is balanced perfectly so there is no wabbling when reeling it in.