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Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by indiana_fishin, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. indiana_fishin

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    Indiana Baby
    ive been doin some rain fishin lately and the drag on my spinnin rods arent workin as well.Can i throw some vaseline or oil of some kinda on it to improve the pull?
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    sounds to me like they need some service,take them apart, clean all the
    parts and put in some fresh lube,there are pleanty of lubes on the market
    but i have found it is hard to beat preperation h for lube,it is water proof
    and easy to apply.i fish a lot of brackish water here in florida,and found
    that if i clean and relube about every 3 weeks i dont have any problems
    with my reels.prevetentive maintaince is the key for reels.hope this will
    help you out.
    KIRK :)

  3. DrummerCat

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    Hey Indiana,
    I posted this in another section the other day but it could pertain to what your problem is. The original post is in reference with a spinning reel not retrieving line but it also pertains to spinning reel drags seeming to lose their power:

    Original Post:
    If your reel is spooled with a superline ...Spiderwire, Fireline etc. then it could be that the line is slipping (rotating around the spool). It happens when a superline isn't backed onto the spool with mono. Another way to keep a superline from slipping is to tape it directly to the spool.

    This particular problem gets more pronounced when the reel and the line are wet.

    JERMSQUIRM New Member

    man ya all get to quit changing your handles and pic's till we figure ya out, lmao. hey russ.

    well if i remember what cornhusker told me that drag washers should not be oiled. correct me if im wrong but when he directed me to some schem, this spring when i refurbashed two shimano spinners he told me don't lube drag washers.

    also i know now that when your done fishing with a rod before you put it back in the shed loosten the drag so the washers don't become compressed.

    where is old corn anyhow???
  5. Abu

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    Very good point Jeremy. That is what could be wrong with the drag now. Take it apart and clean it up and make sure no oil, water or other contaminants are in the drag system. Just a quick reminder, spinning rods don't have drag systems so work on the reel, just kidding, we all knew exactly what you meant. :) Abu
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    Hey Jerm, good to see ya man, lol.