My daughter's first fishing trip!

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    Hey all! I am so excited I had to share it with the BOC! My daughter Hailey is three years old and today I decided it was finally time to take her fishing. We went to the bait store together and got some b-moths (waxworms) and headed to a local pond by us. I rigged up an altralight rod like a cane pole for her by just tying some 6lb test to the top guide. It was light enough she could handle it well and didnt have to worry about working a reel or anything. I was nervous about her first trip because it is such a big part of my life that I wanted her to be excited about it too. I also didn't want to push something on her just because it is my thing. Anyway, we headed to the pond and the closer we got the more excited I became. I pinched the barb down on the hook and then gave her a few quick casting lessons.

    She put out the bobber and it started dancing around a little bit. She set the hook like a pro and caught her first fish! It was about a 7" bluegill. She handled the rod well and started screaming with excitement! I think of all the proud things that have happened in my life, and this is one of the proudest moments of my life. Here is this little girl and she is as excited and happy as I am about this little fish. She was smiling and giggling with her whole body. She couldn't wait to get back out there and catch another one. I took the fish off for her and told her a little about bluegills and showed her the bright blue spot on the gill. She didn't much care about ther bluegill lesson, but thats ok. She just wanted to get back out and catch another one. The weather was great, there were lots of bluegills, and even more laughs and giggles. Some things haven't gone all that well this year for us, but just for a little while, none of that mattered. All that mattered was we were together, we were enjoying the outdoors, and we were introducing something I love so much to someone I love so much. My wife, myself, my 5 month old daughter, and my three year old daughter were all together laughing. We caught a few more bluegills and Hailey decided she was getting hungry. We packed up our gear and headed for some lunch.

    While walking back to the truck, I think I was smiling so hard and so proud that my face started to hurt! :big_smile: On the way back to the truck Hailey asked me, "Can we go catch some monster bluegill again daddy?" I don't know if she'll love fishing as much as I do, but at least she is off to a good start! Today was great and I'll remember it for the rest of my life. Just had to share! Tight Lines and Screamin Clickers to Ya!!!!!!
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    Brother I am glad that you and your had such a wonderful time and I commend you for introducing your young one's to the great outdoors. That was a great story and I would like to thank you for sharing.

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    Sounds like you and her had a good time.
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    Hey Bevaun, thank you for telling us about the trip y'all had. I'm grinning with you and I'm also remembering the first trips of my two. I hope you will have many more to come. Here is a big atta boy and +reps.:smile2:

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    Nice post brother, it filled me with gladness.
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    Thanks for sharing with us brother!! Super story that made me smile the whole time i read it!!
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    You will have that memory the rest of your life! Glad to see you both ahd a good time.
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    I shared a similar story and that feeling came rushing back through and through. Props to you and your new fish lovin daughter. With the right teacher, she'll want to go get them "Monster Bluegills" More and More. Thanks for the uplifting story. Geoff "Night Owl" Cloutier
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    Great story Bevaun! I started my girls out a very early age and they still fish with me now and they are in their teens!:cool2:
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    Way to go! Glad to hear such a happy story. You will remember it for life and time passes quick, my daughter will be 22 in July and I remember when I walked in your shoes, dosen't seem so long ago.