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My CPR day

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My grandfather taught me how to fish. He's well into his 90's now and just is not physically able to get out and fish. He still loves to eat fish, and has only one requirement, he wants only 18 inch fish, nothing bigger. Saturday out at banner, I was really doing well in the morning, so today (sunday), I went back to catch a limit of 18 inch channels. I took my lightweight rods filled with 12 pound test. I got there about 6 and motored over to where I had caught them the day before. I anchor and bait the two rods and toss them out. I pour my cup of coffee and thump-thump, both rods start bouncing at the same time, and I spill my coffee. 30 minutes later, I have my limit of 18" channels.

Well its a nice day, and no one is around, and I have plenty of bait so I just keep fishing. Now the bigger fish move in, and my light rods make them all feel like big fish. My digital scale crapped out, so I dont know how much they weight, but I took some pics of some of my fish against the measuring take on my dry box. I caught and released about 30 fish. It was just an awesome day on the water.
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