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    Just back from a short vacation to the island of Curacao in the far southern Caribbean. Had an opportunity to go deep sea fishing while I was there, and was dreaming of hooking a huge marlin.

    But 4 hours of trolling up and down the coastline of the island yielded exactly 1 tiny little Barracuda, maybe 3 lbs and 18 inches long or so. I kept it and had the chef at the resort cook it, and man was it good! I've heard they're poisonous up near Florida but down there, everyone assured me they're safe. Nice heavy white meat a lot like mahi mahi or swordfish.

    Had a good time with the fishing guide, but came to the conclusion that he's not much of a guide really - it seems to me that if a client is paying you a huge sum of money (relative to the local economy, anyway), and you haven't caught anything using your preferred method after an hour or two, maybe you should try something else. But he didn't have any more tricks up his sleeve, so we trolled and trolled and trolled.

    Next time down there, I'll be taking a fishing pole - the resort is right at the inlet to a nice big bay and all the locals there say it's easy to catch barracuda, tuna and other nice fish right from the shore.

    So in case anybody was wondering why I hadn't posted, that's pretty much why... :rolleyes:
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    That's too bad. But I know how you feel, I too have spent good money on a deep sea fishing adventure with an experienced "guide", and caught nothing. Had alot of fun though.

    Anybody else been watching the tarpon tournaments on TV? Wow! Now that's some fishing!

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    Plattsburg,Mo.(near K.C.)
    MrT,Its the larger cuda that build up citagera(?spelling)poison,builds up from eating reef fish.Kinda like mercury ,build up over the years in muscle tissue.

    Glad you were able to get away.