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    When my younger brother an I were growing up we hated to see hair cut time come around. My dad was our barber. He would try to give us a trim around the ears and a little off the top but it would all ways be gap up.
    He had a pair of old manual hand clippers he used to cut hair with.
    At times it seemed he pulled out more than he cut.
    Well our older brother was 6 years older than I.
    He thought he would become a barber. He worked for my dad.
    He saved his money until he had enought money to buy a barber kit by mail order.Well his kit finally came.It had and electric clipper, a comb and pair of scissors,and a little bottle of oil.Well he did not have the funds to go to barber school so he decided he needed some one to pratice on .
    Well he said our dogs needed a hair cut because of the hot weather.
    Of course I have never seen a Bluetick hound with long hair.
    After the the dogs were finished he said he thought the old cat would look better with a trim.You know we never seen that cat again after that hair cut think he left home.It was a misfortune when the neighbors cat or dog came by to visit our dogs and cats because they got a hair cut whether they needed it or not.


    Well my brother thought he had enough experience to move up to the human race.
    The only thing wrong with this is he had not volunteers. .
    He finally came up with idea he would use my younger brother and I as his victims. So he began to talk to my dad about how easy it would be on him if would start giving my brother and I our monthly hair cut.He told dad this he said you know how tired your hand gets when you do all that hand clipping
    well he finally had dad convinced.
    You never heard so much crying and waley in all your life as my dad sat by on the front porch on guard with his big strap across his knee in case we would try to run.Well when he got through we looked like to pealed onions.

    Years Later

    Well years later my brother found out he was not going to make it in the hair cutting trade.He began to work on cars for a living. Finally he got his on garage.
    My brother did finaly get to where he could give decent hair cut.
    All the old men that could not afford a hair cut would come by the garage on Saturday to get their free hair cut.
    By the way if you are ever in Gastonia North Carolina you are hard up and need a free hair cut just drop by Johnny Parkers garage and tell him Ace sent you.

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    ace you said you liked peeled onions,would that be the red or the valdalia type????

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    heh heh heh... almost makes me want to take a trip... not... that is funny...

    I don't have a beer gut... It's protection for my rock hard abs.
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    Ace, Good story brother, I need a hair cut now,but i know johnny- I think Ill just go to my old barber, thanks just the same.........:haha: :big_smile_2: .........