My Blue Heeler, My new fishing buddy!

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    I took my dog, buddy blue, out fishing with me the other night and had a blast watching him try to grab the fish before I could land it on shore. If none of you ever seen a blue heeler then let me tell ya man!, they are beautiful and really smart. I would put them up against any dog any day when it comes to intelligiance.
    Anyways, I never knew how much they like water until buddy kept jumping in the river. He would go bonkers when he seen me grab my rod and stare @ the water looking for the fish to show
    I guess dogs don't care much for cats or!
    My fience was so impressed with how smart my dog buddy is that she wanted one for herself. We saw an ad in the paper and picked up a female pup that my daughter named, Belle, after some disney show.
    Blue Heelers are rare in Michigan and almost everyone is clueless as to their breed and naver seen one before. Here's a picture of my buddy blue and his future girlfriend belle! Boy will they make some fine pups in about a year.:roll_eyes:

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    Great looking dogs. I've heard about, & been around blue heelers for years. A friend of mine used to have two that helped work his cattle for him; very smart dogs, & just aggressive/protective enough to make excellent watch dogs. Yep, I think you're gonna have some fine pups, & lots of good memories with those buddies!

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    Awesome dogs there rick, congrats.