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My Biggest Flathead Ever! Thanks to you Guys.

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Thanks to all you guys and your tips and pointers I slayed 'em in our local Labor Day Tournament. We have weekend tournaments on Fridays and Saturday nights with a major tournament on Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July weekend, and Labor Day weekend. These are held in a couple of ponds in my area which are stocked with Channels, Blues, and Flatheads brought in from the rivers. The larger pond is approx 2 acres, mostly channels and blues up to 50 lbs. The smaller pond is approx. 1 1/2 acre with flatheads up to 60 lbs. The tournament pays off for the 3 big fish hourly, and the 3 biggest fish of the night. I caught 5 fish weighing, 7 lb., 12 1/2 lb., 18 lb., 19 1/2 lb., and big fish of the tournament (see my profile pic) which weighed 32 1/2 lbs. all Flatheads. The big fish won me $320.00 and I took home $475.00 total. All were caught on live Gills with a sliding float, about 3 ft. deep, 20 feet off the bank, between 10 pm. and 2 am. I can't thank you guys enough for all the great info I got from my brothers at the BOC. I couldn't have done it without you. I love a good Catfight.
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thats a great interested in using a float they glow out there in the water? how hard is it to rig em up?? and how much did u have to experiment with the depth???any help would be appreciated
Hey catfight,are these private ponds or money ponds?
bassmassey- They do make light up floats for night fishing. the slip float rig is fairly easy to set up. I usually slip the float onto the line, then tie on the hook. Then I put a split shot about 12-18 in. above the hook. The bobber will slip down and stop at the split shot. Then use sewing thread to tie a stop knot onto the line. Tie the knot at what depth you would like to fish. When the rig is in the water, The float will float up to the stop knot, and it will suspend your bait off of the bottom.
Hi guys, Kid these are money ponds, they started out as carp ponds but they started stocking in cats and taking out the carp about 5 years ago. You wouldn't believe what these guys bring in from the Yadkin and the Dan rivers 10 to 40lb. Blues and Flatheads in a big plastic tank on a trailer pulled behind their pickup. Fishing for anyone is $7.00 a day with hour pots and big fish pots on Friday and Saturday nights. Average weekend night they give away about $50.00 an hour. Tournament this weekend was $50.00 entry fee and they paid out $150.00 an hour for 12 hours. I use a 9" sliding bobber with a tie on stop and a bead available at most tackle stores. As far as determining depth I try to keep my gill swimming about a foot off the bottom. I normally fish the edges of the ponds out to about 3 feet deep. Big Flatheads are ambush feeders so you're not usually gonna find them out in the middle chaseing bait. And of course all this is dependent on the time of year, and what the fish are doing. Here they are just starting the fall feedup. I hope some of this info helps. Keep only what you can eat, and put everything back over 10. I love a good Catfight.
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Good Job Catfight!! Keep up the good work! Now you've got the fever! Good Luck Fishin!! :D
Better go easy with the $ pond talk,you might get the rug yanked out from under your feet.It's not a real popular subject on the fourm. :D
Thanks for the tip Kid, I can see where alot of these fellas would want the cats left where they are. I'm a natural habitat guy myself, I prefer fishing large lakes and rivers but lack of a boat makes it tough to do so at this time. These fish are all well fed and well cared for, it gives some of us guys stuck on the bank a great opportunity to catch the fish of a lifetime. I love a good Catfight.
always good to hear of a brother learnin some tricks on here. congrats and keep up the good work.

Congrats! That's a nice lookin' fish!
You hit the jackpot for sure!
Thanks guys, Lookin' to join that 40 Lb. club now. I love a good Catfight.
Looks like you had a good time and made a few $$$$.i love fishing catfish
tournaments,but not in a stocked might be the only place you have
i dont know.have you given any thought,to takeing their $$$$ and takeing
the fish and realese them back to the wild?i fish tournaments for the chance
to meet new people and the competition,if i should win some $$$$ thats
just an added bonus.back in my younger days i did go to pay ponds and fish
for the jack pot $$$$.when i think about pay ponds,it makes me wonder,isnt
it like shooting fish in a barrel? no one has to hunt for them, they come in
a offense intended.i still prefer open water fishing and trying to find them where they are supposed to be.
I prefer catchin' the wild cats too Capt., but I lost my boat in the divorce and just haven't been able to replace it as of yet. I'm workin' on it though and I'll be back out there with you guys before you know it. I love a good Catfight.
nice catch, hey i gotta boat and i dont even use it that much and i catch my share of kitties, :001: i may spend half the day walkin the banks and fishin, plus its pretty good exercise...
It's kinda hard in my area to find a place to get to the banks. I have to drive about 80 miles to find a place to fish in the Yadkin River, and its not even that good a place to fish (kinda shallow). Most of the big lakes have banned bank fishing because of these jerks who leave all their trash behind. And the smaller to medium lakes that have a good population of cats are mostly watershed drinking supply lakes. No bank fishing except one small crowded pier at a park area. See my problem Okie.
I am glad you understood my comments on pay ponds,i wont throw rocks
any one.keep on taking the $$$$ so you can replace that boat.i also went
threw one of those divorces,lost house, lost boat,lost motor cycle and had
to kick in 15,000 on top of that.that was over 20 years ago,i have remarried
19 years to the best thing that ever happend to will recover,no body
can keep a good man down for long.and there aint nothing like a good women
to look after us when we need some one to lean on.good luck getting back
on your feet and never look back.
Thanks Capt. I really appreciate it.
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