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My biggest fish ever!

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OOOOOHHHHH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I guess if you wait long enough it will eventually happen. Hey Bearcat and Buzz check this out. I was fishing Glenn Shoals tonight, I had been there about 3 hours and had only 1 little channel. I was using live bluegill with the tail cut off and descaled on one side. At about 1:45AM right where we anchored the pontoon the last time I brought in a 30lb channel cat 38" long.
That is my biggest fish ever. I brought it home and got pictures, weighed it, and showed my dad. Then I got it back to the lake and after about 15 minutes of CPR it took off lookin good. I hope to have some pictures in a few days.

Donnie Cassidy
Hillsboro, IL
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Brother that is a trophy size channel catfish. nice catch wish you many more. A tip see what your state record channel catfish is. let me know.
Way to go Butchy!!!! Always proud to hear about someone catching their personal best.
Hat's off to ya Brother!!!
Hey Butchy,

"Way To Go" :0a5:

"Congratulation on the catch"

Take It Easy,
Bert :cool:
AWESOME catch, keep it up and you'll even beat it eventually.
:rock-big: I hear you Bro!!!!!!!!!!30lb channels are rare and you have surely nailed a trophy catfish.We have plenty of the small ones ,but nothing like that bear.Good job!Is your face sore from grinning<<<<<<<<lol>>>>>>>>>?
Thanks guys,
As soon as I got home I checked to see what the state record was and its 45lbs 6oz, or something like that. But I bet there aren't too many 30's caught in a year. Its great to finally have a big one.
I hope the pictures turn out, we don't have a digital.

I just checked myself Butchy,thinking the same thing.Did you get it out of Glenn Shoals?.Thats a big fish in a small lake .Good work
Yeah Glenn Shoals, and I figure you never catch the biggest fish in the lake so who knows what's in there. Maybe sometimes the biggest one does get caught, but what are the odds ya know.

Thats great man!!!!! 30lb channel wow that would have been a record here in NC.Hope you get many more brother!!! :thumbsup:
here in WV the state record weight for channel cat is 33.38 pounds, you caught one heck of a fish! keep up the good work!monster channel cat
Way to go Butchie boy! Go get another one.
Thats awesome Butchy, whis I could have some fish like that bite my hook. NICE FISH. :)
Congratulations on your REALLY impressive catch!

Just goes to show that you never know what'll bite next.
Butchy congrats on the catch brother. Very nice fish ya got there. One to be proud of. Thanks for sharing.

A Good catch, makes you want to hunt aggressively many days to come.
Way to go Donnie. When I first read your post I thought it was a flathead. I read it again and seen you had caught a monster channel cat. I think a 10 pound channel is big where I fish, would love to hook into a 30 lber. Your photos turned out great, if I catch a channel close to that size here in Ohio I will wearout my digital camera. :) Abu
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