My biggest blue (so far)

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    It was the forth time that I had fished in my in-laws boat slip on Lake Lewisville. I fish under their 51ft boat in 40+ft of water. I had shown up after dark. I usually get there with 2 hours of light so that I can catch my bait. Which is bluegill by the way. I didn't catch a gill for 2 hours. So, I walked up to the front of the marina looking for small gill. I caught 4 and went for the slip. I put cut gill one one rod and cut the other one so that the head and tail were both on my 6\0 circle hook. The trick is to cut the fish from the tail toward the head. This leaves a fillet hanging out the back. At about 3:30 am my rod ,with the fillet cut 4in gill, buckled over. I had a hard time getting the darn rod out of the holder. My rod was bent like a horse shoe and my drag squealing. After I fought the fish over the cable that keeps the slips together. I was rewarded for my patience with a blue that was longer than my 3ft tape. It was a blue over 40 inches and I didn't have a scale. And yes, I did let it go. My biggest fish ever. I will be going back. I hope you enjoyed reading my post. Good luck to all. I hope you catch the fish of your dreams.