My best friend is headed to Iraq today.

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by jlingle, May 23, 2006.

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    Please keep him in your prayers. His name is John Tristan, and I love him like a brother. He is a good man with 3 beautiful boys and a wonderful wife to come back to. From the day we met, we've been friends. He's the only person I've ever met that would go fishing anytime I wanted to go, go anywhere I wanted to go, and stay as late as I wanted to stay. So, as you can see..... he's a valuable fishing partner!!!!

    At first we thought he would be pulling convoy duty the whole time he was in Iraq (convoy duty=roadside bombs.) Shed a few tears and prayed a lot of prayers over that deal, and the last time I talked to him he informed me that he'd been assigned back to his specialty of Logistics. He'll be staying back at camp nearly the whole time and ordering supplies. Thank God!!!

    Anyhow, I guarantee you he's your kinda people no matter who you are. He's just that kinda guy. If you have a spare moment, please remember to pray for my buddy John.


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    Your/our friend will be in my thoughts and prayers! Keep the faith!

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    Let me know, if you can, where he is going to be at. If he is anywhere close to me I will see what I can do for him. Brothers have to stick together. This place can obviously get dangerous so any comfort we can give to each other helps out. Sometimes it is just a phone call or an email. Let me know what I can do and I will try to have watch his 6. May not be much but it is something.

    MAJ Duzan
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    the corps will have his back :choler: :confident: :hell_boy: