My best day of deer hunting ever!!!

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Howie Ketchdem, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. Howie Ketchdem

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    The season was 2004 fire arm in michigan, start off by saying i dont have much deer hunting land at all mostly ditches and over hunted small woods so i spend alot of time walking in corn fields, nov 15 opening morn. As soon as the sun came up my dad shot a nice 8 point i seen one buck 300yds away no shotsw so i helped my dad drag his deer out and gut it, dropped my dads deer off at home and went to a small "push" woods and by buddy shot an 8 point right off the bat so now its about 230 pm by the time we hung up his deer. we were just heading back to sit for the night on a ditch in the middle of a stubble field and on the way there i seen a buck go into a corn field that i have perm to hunt. I put on my gilly suit and went in was in the corn for 20 min and had deer all around me. an 8 point leaped clear over the tops of the corn the opposite direction from me and took off running, i was bummed then i heard a deer coming to me it was a doe, at that point i thought the buck was gone so i shot the doe dropped right in here tracks, i was exited probably singing and dancin in the corn field and then that 1st buck i seen jump out of the corn came right back to that doe i shot him right in the neck he fell straight to the ground also, was a real nice 8 point. By this time im just extatic 2 deer in 2 shots in 20 seconds no longer than it took me to realize i had shot two deer another 6 point ran right up to the 2 dead deer, boom down went the 6 point, so i ended up shooting a 8,6 and a doe in about 40 seconds all deer went straight to the ground. Michigan has what they call a combo tag its 2 buck tags but one of the deer has to have 4 points or more on one side and i had a doe tag so the three kills were all properly tagged. Worked out good for me cause i only had one day to hunt that year due to work. All three deer were taken with winchester 1300 youth model shotgun 20ga model, ive always used 12s till that day i happened to take my girlfriends gun that i had bought her. 20s have all the nock down power in the world believe me....
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    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    Talk about a whirlwind hunt! Congratulations on a job well done. But you left out the fun part....Dragging your 3 deer + gear back to the vehicle.

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    man what a day ,what do you do to top that one?
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    Mickey, That sounds like a hunt of a life time congratulations. That would be like catching 3 big blues on the same day. That will be a story you can tell your kids and grandkids.
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    Great day indeed! That the way do it.
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    haha thatd be like catching 3 big blues within a minute of eachother, lol that sounds like an awesome hunt, congrats!
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    Thanks for readin, and yeah it was the funnest day of huntin ive had yet and was a pretty cool picture in the blissfield telegram they put all the deer pictures in the paper my dad friend Al and I were on top of the page with 5 deer in one truck on opening day 3 8points 1 6pt and one doe. a picture that i will have forever.