My Bait Fish Died!!!!!

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    I know this may not be of any interest to some, but I thought I would share, since it is too cold to go fishing around here.

    For the last couple years while fishing the Lower Colorado River, we (Dale, Bill, and others) have found a good bait fishing hole with tilapia in it. Where tilapia are legal to use for bait, we have found this area priceless to catch baitfish when gills are hard to come by. Last year I caught six small tilapia and took them home to stock in my 80 gallon aquarium. Although these bait fish seemed to have become my pet fish, they were getting rather decent in size (each about 8 inches in length).

    While gone over the Christmas, my wife decided to TURN OFF the heat in our house. Needless to say, upon our return home, our house was freezing. The tilapia didn't fair 30 degree temperatures to well in the house.

    It looks like I will have to make another 4.5 hour journey again to restock the aquarium.


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    Send the wife to get em.LOL!

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    Make sure you clean the tank real good. I would drain and refill it. It is likely the fish may have died from Ick. A rapid change in water temps will cause this in aquarium fish.
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    A couple of months ago I caught some gills but my partners bailed out on me so I did not want to go by myself and I still lack a 4 wheel drive truck. Like any trooper I decided to put the gills in my 75 gallon tank until next weekend. I soon found out that it was just not only my tank but my new wife's as well. :angry: Needless to say I bagged the gills and threw them in the freezer for later.:smile2: