My annual trip to the Pedernales River

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    Every year for atleast 20 years my family goes to a church camp located in Fredericksburg Texas near Austin. A full week away from work where we stay in cabins and relax. Dont get me wrong, the point of the trip is for church, but as soon as our daily services are done I hit the river, or whatever trouble I can find. The pedernales river is less than 200 feet from our camp grounds. This is the one yearly activity that I wouldnt give up for the world. There are wild deer that come within picture range of the camp, I usually get to see fawns with the spots which to me is a beautiful sight. There are spiders the size of baseballs, snakes 5-6 foot long, turtles, coyotes, armidillos,bee hives, tree frogs(only found one) and many other amazing creatures. The area we have access mostly to is not really a good fishing spot, the deepest spots are small holes that are 3 foot deep at the deepest. Ive swam this river every year of my life, and started using goggles to see what it was like under the water. I found a few holes in the rock with a few small flatheads 6-7 # probably being the largest. There are a few carp in a few of the currents, biggest one ive seen was probably 10#. Last year I tried noodling for the first time and got me about 4-5# channel cat which was released. I know noodling is illegal in Texas,but I wasnt planning on keeping the fish, just doing it to say ive done it.

    There is a small damn which I plan on tring to do some semi serious catfishing from this year. Ive fished it in the passed years with not much luck but havnt put alot of effort into it. This year im thinking about tring alittle harder.

    Some of my best memories come form this place, I get to see family that I only see once a year. I get to fish and see nature.
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    Sounds like a great time with the family. I love me some nature and wildlife. :smile2: