My Adventure At 13,500 Feet Above The Ground

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    OK I will try and relay the experience the best of my ability.

    It all started about two weeks ago when myself and my son where watching the Military Channel and the program was about the HALO school students. Ryan sat through the whole program eyes wide and when it was over he looked at me and asked have you ever done that. I said not like that but I will if you will and he said lets do it. I asked around at work and found that many people wanted to do it so I set up an appointment at the drop zone for Saturday. Thursday I got a call and the guy (Chris) said that Saturday would not be a good day and wanted to know if Sunday would work for me. So Sunday it was!!!!!!!

    Everyone that had said they wanted to jump had by this time thought of all the excuses in the world to back out and just as Chris had said I might get one other person to come along (HE WAS RIGHT).

    When we arrived at the DZ we where asked if we had ever jumped before so I told the lady behind the counter that I had 54 Military static line jumps and two Civilian static line jumps. She OK and moved into the class... the class seemed to fly by and soon it was time to be introduced to the other people that where jumping that day...... The thing that impressed me the most was the feeling of being around the SKY GODS and have them return the respect after my instructor told them that I was a paratrooper it was no less then aw some.

    As we climbed to altitude my jump master keep talking to me and about 5000 agl he made me turn around and look at him I didn't know why at the time but another jumper was doing a hop and pop and they didn't want me to see them exit the aircraft. I realize that after I turned around and he was gone and they where closing the door. When we got to 13500 ft. another pair of jumpers where getting ready and again he wanted me to turn around I quickly said hang on a minuet and watched the pair exit. When I turned back to him he just smiled and shook his head and asked are you ready to skydive I sounded off with a loud and thunderous Airborne and he said take your position in the door. When I got to the door one of my jump masters was hanging outside the aircraft and the other was on the inside. I look at the inside jump master and said CHECK INSIDE he gave me the thumbs up and it was time. A Deep breath a lean to the outside back to the inside and we where gone. The next 3-5 secs have been erased from my memory and I have absolutely no recollection of leaving the aircraft. The next thing I know I am free falling in thin air and arching hard.


    I check my altimeter and looked over a the Jump master on the right and said 11000 ft. he gave me a thumbs up and then gave me the arch more sign which I did and then made practice pulling move to let them know that I was still with it. I checked the altimeter again and said 10000 ft and did the practice move again. As I arched hard again I saw the camera man come flying close and off to the right of me and that really made me relax even more. I looked at my altimeter and it said 8000 ft so I started playing over the the wave off and running through my head the sequence of the pull. When I looked again I was at 6000 and freaked out my body went on auto pilot and started to Snap back into a good tight body position as I have been train in the military to do........... Immediately I realized this was not the thing to do so I arched hard and rushed the wave off and pull the chute opened at 5000 ft and I floated to the ground......... As I stood alone I would bust out with laughter for no apparent reason many many many many times and have also done the same today.


    I have heard that it will change your life and being a Paratrooper I didn't think it would affect me..... I love to live and have realized that the sky is only a playground for those willing enough and hard enough to go and play in it. If you have ever wanted to do this I would really recommend it. To answerer a previous question if I had the choice to jump or to be guaranteed a 50 lb blue on the end of my line I would be in the air with absolutely no regrets or even a second thought.......IT IS THAT GOOD. I will still fish for that 50 lbs blue but would jump first every single time........ If your looking for me next Saturday I will be at the DZ.
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