My Adjustable Boat Seat "Z-Bars"

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    Was out in the garage earlier installing rod holders, and while sitting in the front seat i realized how cramped the leg room is when sitting sideways in the boat (now i see why you want to take your boat Mellon!). The back seat isnt much better either, so i decided that tomorrow im going to rob my small jon boat of the "things" i made for it at my last job.

    Thought id post pics in case anyone want to make some, provided they work at a shop or have the necessary equipment. ...............First of all the "z-bars" (named after a part at work) are made from 1/8 inch stainless steel (imagine you can use galvanized), bent on a press brake at 1-1/2 inch (?), then again at a 3/16 inch brake (or 1/4, cant remember).

    And there was about 1-1/2 left. I punched out the holes on an "iron-worker" for the lag screws to attach to bunk, and welded a peice of 2-1/2 x 1/8 inch steel onto the seat swivel to slide under the "z-bars" (pic without boat seat). I cannot remember the exact measurements of everything, just use pics for a reference. These "z-bars" are VERY sturdy and i dont think will ever bend or break! The parts have a tight fit but not tight enough to where i cant slide the seat. Once installed on the boat you can slide your seat as far over as you want.