my 30 pounders

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    well these are my 2 biggest fish ever to date. i'm not proud about where they come from. but i did catch them. well for fathers day i planned on driving south and hitting parts of the river. that i have never fished. i fish the great miami but not in any good areas. i'm to far north. but anyway. there were thunderstroms all over. and i almost gaver up hope on fishing at. i had all my money and time and about 2 weeks invested. on my second trip in a row that was rained out. so i i figured the rivers was not an option. but with hail and lighting and thunderstorms all night . the pay lakes would be empty. and they was . i drove about an hour a way in the storm to fish . when most people say the thunder and lighting scares fish. well i took my chances and went.and to my surprise through lightning and thunder they were still biting .and not only that the whole lake was mine for most of the time .i really dont like the pay lake thing . i do think they serv a purpose for some . but i dont approve. if i had a vote . it would be to ban them . poor fish . but i will still take advantage once or twice a year. around here i cant catch a 30 or 50 pound fish . i cant afford to go to them . so its my next best thing . oh both fish were 30 pounds each acording to bait house scale. oh and s-man gave me the advice that landed both fish. he said fish were right close to the bank where no one is fishing . where its quieter and less comotion . and sure enough. 17 foot of water right there and i was in about 2 foot of water right on the bank. no one does that at paylakes . they all cast as far as they can . i hate the frustration of paylakeing . mainly the idiots that go. no offense anyone . we all know who they are . but it was neat . useing glow sticks and all. and fishing so close . when it went under the stick kinda lit up the water . you could see it under a little before it vanished . so i could see him hit the bait by how it bobbed . then could watch when he turned and headed to deep water . and then just watch it dissappear.

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  2. CJ21

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    Montgomery, Alabama
    Those are some nice catfish.

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    they dont look like 30 pounders:eek:oooh:
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    I congratulate you on catching some nice fish. Must have been fun.

    Not to sound like a jerk or take away from your fish, but if you don't agree with paylakes, you do know that by going you help to keep them in business right? It's gotta be an all or nothing proposition one way or the other.
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    Nice fish, wherever they came from. Its your legal right to fish where you want. I fish them also rarely when my health(back) won't let me get to my river spots. The only ones I'll go to are the ones that stock farm raised fish and very few big ones. Not the Big River Raper Pay Ponds!
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    Yea, i would say 10 or 20 lbs tops. Unless those stones are boulders.

    Nice fish tho :)