My 3 nephews first catfishes today

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    Not really nephews but my girlfriends nephews, they call me uncle kevin though lol. Her brother married into the 4 kids, 3 boys one girl but they are great kids. Hes on his 3rd trip to iraq and has only been married 3 years. Dosnt leave much time to take them fishing so I took them.

    We went to a farm pond that has good size bream, bass, and of course catfish. Boys are 7, 11, and 12. They all caught a few bream to start the day off, then they learned how to fish a carolina rig worm and caught a few bass in the 1-2 pound range.

    Asked them if they wanted to catch some bigger fish, which of course they did. We only had light tackle and the 4-6 lb channels gave them a heck of a fight. I helped the 12 year old catch the first one and taught em how to let the fish wear itself out. Had to help the 11 year old hold the rod and had to do almost everythign for the 7 year old.

    Was the most fun ive had fishing in years. Planning on taking another of my nephews into the sheriffs office fishing tournament at santee in may. Well fish 6 rods and ill let him land them all. Cant wait to have kids, although there is no way i could do it right now.
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    that's the best part of fishing i think. being able to share it with someone! glad you had a great time! :)

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    Blessing upon you for your generosity. Passing on the tradition and seeing that look in a childs eye when the pole bends is like winning the lotto.