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  1. Chris

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    Spring Hill, Kansas
    For those of you interested in muzzleloading, I picked up a CVA Buckhorn at Wal-Mart on Sante-Fe and Blackbob for $70.00. Wal-Mart still has them in stock. I have read some reviews on the muzzleloader and 98% of the reviews have been 4.5 stars out of 5. I have never shot a muzzleloader before and would like to give it a shot in 2008 for deer season plus it will give me a couple of extra weeks of deer hunting.
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    NE Mississippi
    Chris, here is my 2cents worth for you:

    Shoot alot of ammo, and work up you load(s) that your ML likes the best.

    Plan on alot of range time, and try different bullet, powder combo's. It may be expensive to start out with.

    I personally (and my ML) prefer the Roundball / Patch combo, with Pyrodex Select powder.

    Good shooting!!