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    Went fishing again today. And all we caught were small cats and a few big drum. Moved 3 times in 4 hours. We were catching fish, but they were small. Used different size baits(cut shad) and the only thing they would hit on were the smaller chunks. A year of from fishing and I have to get back in the swing of things again. Was fishing in about 25-30 feet of water. dang fish finder wont turn on.:angry: Don't know what went wrong today, but am going to get at it again tomorrow after the morning hunt. Any pointers? I am putting in at the Clarksville boat launch and there are no dams around.
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    With the current ripping the way it is right now "TN River?", look for eddy pockets where fish dont have to work in the current but can still feed,,
    Stick with it buddy you will get on them,,,:wink:
    also look for bait fish blues wont be far behind,,,

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    Seems like the depth your fishing is good, a sign is catching fish.. "small or large" regardless. I really couldn't tell ya a whole lot except maybe upsize the bait a bit and fish sharp channel bends that may help to as big blues hang there. Hope this helps.
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    Have not fished that area at all. I have heard and experienced when the water cools the fish are less likley to hit big bait. They look for easy food. I believe smaller is better this time of year. Move more often. Give each spot about 20 to 30 minutes max. Stay near the drop offs. Try different depths. (once you get the radar fixed). Find places where you can cast several lines, one at 40ft deep, up to 15 to 20ft. If they are hittin in 40ft, fish 40ft and the same goes for 15 to 20ft. Sounds like you are on them. The biggest key is time on the water and patience. Hope this helps.
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    Sarge, I've been using bluegill fillet chunks about 1" square and have caught a few cats in the past month, but nothing over 27". I'm sure cut shad is a better bait than cut bluegill. This has been below a dam, right up against the wall of it, and the fish hit usually before the bait hits bottom. However, I think I lost my biggest catfish of the year at a boat ramp in shallow water fishing in a reservoir last week. The water couldn't have been over 3'-4' deep, and he broke off 12 lb. test line. I hadn't planned on night fishing and went unprepared, was returning from another spot I'd been all day. Didn't really have any lights, and when I picked up the rod, out of confusion I thought it was another rod with 25 lb. test. I didn't stand a chance. I think the catfish are drawn in there because the crappie fishermen clean their catch there quite often and bait up the spot. And the crappie have been hitting lately.
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