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Muskingum River

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Anybody been hitting the muskingum lately? If so any luck?
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I've thought about heading to the river soon, but the gas prices are rediculous.
I wish i still had the chance to fish the muskingum......i moved down here to Atlanta and it doesnt even come close in comparison to the fishing in Ohio..i gotta 9 ft eagle claw with a garcia 6500 and cant find anywhere legit to bring it down here.....i wish i could just drive half an hour and be somewhere like dillon spillway or the mighty Muskingum........i cant wait to come home to visit.........
Had the boat on the Muskingim last night. We caught two flats weighing over 11lb. each a nice channel cat over 10lb. and my 14 year old son (Warhead Garcia) caught his personal best flat, it weighed 32lb. and I can't remember the ounces but I am sure he does.:) We took several photos and he wants to tell all about his flathead so I will help him get his photos up this week. I was very proud of him because he caught him from start to finish. He wants to be taught but never wants any help with what he knows, ties all his own knots, catches and chooses his baits, sets his drags and the whole nine yards. I think I have the poor kid as addicted as me. He is working on his own bait tank. :) Abu
Glad to hear you caught a few. Sounds like your teaching the boy well.
sounds like a nice night abu.......whereabouts on the Muskingum do u fish normally?
Hi Bass... We launch the boat from the public ramp in McConellsville and start checking the fish finder for flats in and around the the deep holes down the river. Abu
so that would be the next stretch past philo?? how far does the mconnelsville stretch go down to??? I think i went to fish this once around was around the floods last fall and we drove all the way down there and everyone decided to go to logan after we saw how choppy the water was......
Any luck on the Muskingum lately Abu?
BassMassey...If you are near Philo, you go down the river past Philo,past Eagleport and lock number 8 and on down to Malta, crossover either bridge going down river and come into McConnelsville, go a couple miles down river and you will see the public launch ramp near lock 7, next lock down is about 8 miles in Stockport. I did make it to the floods last year and caught a few nice flats, used 8 ounce no rolls and still couldn't cast far from the bank from all the heavy current and debris floating down river. When you make it back to Ohio give me a PM and we will try our luck. One thing I don't like is fishing for 12-14 hours and driving back home. Next spring I will have a small camper or popup with a rental lot to put it on or at least a campsite I can rent a week at a time, only problem is my wife will have to fight with me and the boys to come home. I would wakeup and it would be hard to resist fishing another day and another day. :)

Jason454ci.... Last trip I got one bite and no fish, a channel cat tried to swallow a large gill. Haven't made it down to the Muskingum in awhile, I am having flathead withdrawals. :) Hope to hit it Sunday, weather doesn't look too bad if it doesn't change. I can only go until about 8 in the evening so I plan on going early and fishing a few hours during the day. I will have my two sons with me and they always bring me luck or have good luck themselves. Alot of nights I have no one to fish with, kids have school the next day and my fishing partner works afternoon shift. Drop me a PM if it is not too far for any of you members to come and I will do my best to make it out flatheading for awhile. Abu
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i will surely get a hold of you......realisticly it won't be until the 4th of July next summer.......but I will shoot ya a hollar..........
I might be hitting the muskingum tonight to try for some flatties. Hope to atleast get a channel or 2.
anybody hit the Muskingum lately?? any cold water fisherman up that way??
Nope havent been there yet but I hope to go here soon as I can sit with out freezing lol
Just make a fire or sit on a lantern. Where are you at in Ohio?
I live just inside Coshcoton County..half hr to Newark, Mt Vernon, and Coshocton
I have like 500 post over on the old site
bro Im looking at getting together with loanwizard (Shawn) sometime next year probably be shore fishing since I am sans boat but he talks of some good spots there he is in Coshocton also.
Hit the muskingum tonight, but no sucess. Had alot of bites but no takers. Just had the fever had to give it a try. LOL
I had my rod and tackle bag in the truck and was planning to go out, but the cold wind changed my mind lol

bro Im looking at getting together with loanwizard (Shawn) sometime next year probably be shore fishing since I am sans boat but he talks of some good spots there he is in Coshocton also.
That sounds good ..I hear theres some killer spots in Dresden aera too
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