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    Had my first outing of the year to the Muskingum today. Fished Riverside Park from 3:30 a.m. til noon. The water was 55.4 degrees and normal level. Fished for flatheads from 3:30 a.m. til 9 a.m. using live shad and bluegills. Not a single hit. I fished two spots, a 20ft. hole and a log jam in 7ft. After 9 a.m. I switched to fresh sucker and frozen shad and caught three nice channels. All were caught on the shad, not one hit on the sucker. I think we need the temp up a few more degrees to turn the flatheads on. Overall not a bad first outing. One thing did happen that ticked me off. After the floods Riverside was covered in mud so the city cleared the mud from the parking lot but not the boat ramp. There was about 10 inches of mud on the ramp. If I did'nt have 4wd I may not have gotten my boat out of the water. Of course when I pulled the boat out it got splattered with mud, my tires were covered in mud, and when I had to get out to unhook and hook the boat my shoes were covered in mud. Because of that my boat and jeep got all muddy so I spent the rest of the day cleaning everything. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a pansy or a neat freak but come on, clear the mud off the ramp!:angry:
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    Cats Gone

    From what I've seen on the Ohio @ those temps. The BIG Flats may just lite peck at FRESH CUT Shad and not run with it. Below 55 even less of a peck.

    I only hook up on the Flats at best 10% when they are in a "Lite Bite" mode.

    Hope this helps


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    well im not sure when you posted this but on sunday the 22 i was night fishing for channels and i got a small flatie on night crawler and a 30+ channel and a few 3-4 i know they are biting now