muskingum river last nite

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  1. stangcrazy85

    stangcrazy85 New Member

    sat from 8:00 till 1:05 caught 1 3 lber @ 8:06 no runs the rest of the nite tried cut changed depth tried in close tried everything i could think of
    Oh well season looks like it may be drawing to an end for me
  2. JBrooks

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    Cincinnati, Ohio
    The weather is really weird right now.
    Not to mention I'm sure their patterns changed a bit with all of the rain.
    I was catching them out of the main channel last night, letting my bait run as much as it wanted - went from catching 0 fish in 4 hours, to 3 fish in 20 minutes with that technique.

    Nice front is coming in Monday, I'll be hitting in Sunday night.

    The water is cooling down, they'll turn on like a light switch!